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Things you need to know

Things you need to know

Healthy pregnancy diet

Healthy pregnancy diet

Your healthy eating plan during pregnancy should be made in consideration of your pregnancy symptoms, food choices, weight before pregnancy, weight gain goals, physical activity and overall health. 


Here is a list of some best foods for pregnancy:


Dairy products

Dairy products offer an increased intake of calcium and protein for your baby. These products are a great source of calcium, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and high amounts of phosphorus. Sources include milk, cheese and yoghurt



A legume is a group of foods that includes lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts and peas. Legumes are a rich source of fibre, folate, calcium, iron and protein. 


Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are considered a rich source of Vitamin A which is highly significant for a baby’s development. 



Eggs contain a wide range of nutrients essential during pregnancy. They contain high-quality proteins, fats and various others vitamins and minerals. 


Dark, leafy green vegetables

Green vegetables are important during every phase of life and especially during pregnancy. Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale contain high amounts of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, potassium and folate. 



Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are considered superfoods during pregnancy. It is because they contain plenty of healthy carbs, fibre and antioxidants. 


Whole grains

Whole grains such as oats, quinoa, wheat berries, white bread and rice are rich sources of healthy nutrients needed by a pregnant woman. They are high fibre foods, also rich in protein and magnesium. 


Dried fruits

Fruits, dried or watery, have tremendous health benefits for pregnant women. Dried foods contain high levels of fibre, calories, vitamins and minerals. They also have high levels of natural sugar. 

Tips for a healthy pregnancy diet

Tips for a healthy pregnancy diet


Common starchy foods include bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, oats and cornmeal. 

You should avoid raw, uncooked, unpasteurised foods as well as alcohol and caffeine. 

Healthy snacking during pregnancy includes vegetable or fruits salad, soups, sandwiches, juices and baked potato.