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What Your Gynaecologist Wants You to Know


Your gynaecologist wants you to open up about your health concerns so that he/she can offer you the best care and treatment methods. After all, it’s your own body, and you know it the best.

At the CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon, awareness and care is our utmost priority!

Here are some things which your gynaecologist might want you to be aware of: –

Keep a watch on the discharge

Itching, irritation and abnormal discharge do not always mean that you have an infection. There could be other reasons as well. If over the counter medication does not help, please contact your gynaecologist. Having clear and ordourless discharge is quite normal, as is having the consistency of discharge changing throughout your menstrual cycle. 

Are you having painful periods?

Periods can be associated with cramps and discomfort, but it does not mean the pain should stop you from doing your everyday activities. So ask your gynecologist for advice and support.

Birth control methods

Various birth control methods exist, and you need to opt for the one you’re most comfortable with. If you do not want to opt for a barrier method such as a condom or taking the contraceptive pill, you might want a long-term solution such as an intrauterine device or a skin implant.

Personal hygiene

Your private parts have hair as nature knows hair fights infection. Your gynecologist never minds, how groomed the area is as it is not associated with hygiene. Another thing women relate to the cleanliness of their private parts is the use of sprays, douche, and wipes. Your vagina maintains a pH balance itself and these hygiene products can mess with the normal balance. Check with your gynaecologist before using such products.

Regular pap smears

Regular Pap smears are the way of diagnosing of cervical cancer at the earliest. But, not all abnormal pap smears mean cancer. They can be treated even before cancer is diagnosed. When you are scheduled for the yearly pap test, you don’t have to cancel your appointment because of your period. If it is light bleeding, then you can always attend your appointment. However, this is not the same in case if you are being tested for an infection.

STD and Pap smear are not same

Do not think that pap smears are automatically screening for STDs too. If you think you are at risk of a sexually transmitted disease, consult your doctor without hesitation for confidential advice and treatment.

Be honest about your sex life

Your sex life can be the cause of a few infections, and there are chances of STDs too. So be honest with your gynaecologist about your gender preferences or having multiple partners. This helps the professional to arrive at the right conclusion. The gynecologist is not there to judge your morality but to decide the best treatment for you. 

Discuss your fertility

Your fertility decreases as you age and goes alarmingly low when you are above 35. But do not think that IVF should be the only way to give birth when you are over 35 years of age. Individual cases can vary. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, or postponing your pregnancy, check for the options available. 

The bottom line

Just be clear about these things with your gynaecologist and feel comfortable with them. While the doctor can diagnose and treat the problem, your cooperation to find the underlying issue and get the treatment done in the required amount of time matters the most.

Visit our expert gynaecology consultants at the CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon to know more.

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