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12 everyday tips for foot care in diabetes

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Diabetes is a health problem that can affect several body parts, one by one. One in six people with diabetes resides in India with an estimated number of 77 million. It has been observed that 10-15% of people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer at some point of time. A survey done in 2014 revealed that only 54% of diabetics in India were aware that diabetes could lead to foot problems and only 22% had their feet examined by a health worker or doctor.

Do you know that it can affect your feet too? If you have a minor cut on your feet, it can turn into a significant wound because diabetes impairs the wound healing in your body. Also, you may not be able to feel anything in your feet because of nerve damage. Because of diabetes, blood flow to your feet is obstructed as well. This will cause a small wound to amplify into a stubborn infection, due to which you face the risk of amputation.

Tips for diabetic foot problem

In case you suffer from diabetes, you need to take precautions to protect your feet and hence avoid any serious foot problems. Guidelines you need to follow to avoid Diabetic foot problem are as follows:

Soaking your feet in lukewarm water

You must keep your foot clean always. Treat your foot like you will take care of a newborn baby. Use lukewarm water to soak in your foot and clean them. Avoid excessively hot water.

Regular inspection of your feet

You need to check your feet regularly for blisters, cuts, swelling, redness, or nail problems. You can use a magnifying hand mirror to check the bottom of your feet. Do seek help from your doctor if you notice something suspicious.

Be gentle with your feet while cleaning it

Use a soft sponge and washcloth to wipe your feet. Dry your feet by gently patting it, especially between the toes. 

Trimming nails carefully

You need to cut your nails straight across. Also, do not forget to file the edges of your nails. Don’t trim your nails too short as it risks the development of ingrown toenails. If you are worried about your toenails, then you can seek the advice of your foot and ankle specialist. 

Moisturizing your feet but not between the toes

Always use a moisturizer to prevent itching and cracking of your dry skin. But you must always keep in mind that the place between your toes should not be moisturized as this may risk the development of a fungal infection. 

Proper treatment of the corns or calluses

If there are corns and calluses, then you should not try to treat them all by yourself. You must visit your doctor to get rid of them.

Getting your foot examined periodically

This is one of the essential guidelines that you need to follow if you want to avoid the Diabetic foot problems. You must get your feet regularly examined from your foot and ankle expert.  

Keeping your diabetes under control

It is always necessary to keep a check on your blood sugar level to prevent Diabetic foot problems.  

Quit smoking

Smoking will accentuate worsening of blood flow in your feet. Hence if you are a diabetic person and also have a habit of smoking, then it is high time that you quit smoking forever.

Wearing slippers or shoes while walking

You cannot afford to walk barefoot even at your home. You must wear a sandal or boots to avoid any cut or injury at your feet.

Inspect inside of the shoe before wearing

Always shake and feel for the inside of the shoe to look for any pebbles or nail inside as you may not feel it when you wear it.


Walking helps in controlling the weight and improves circulation. Wear properly measured and fitted shoes as the size and shape of your foot may change with time.

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