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Neuro and Spine Surgery

Neuro and spine surgery Hospital in Gurgaon

The Department of Neuro and Spine Surgery at the CK Birla Hospital offers neurosurgical and non-surgical expertise to diagnose, treat and care of conditions that affect the spinal cord, brain and peripheral nervous system and muscles in both adults and children. Our special emphasis is minimally invasive and complex neurospine surgeries. We provide quality clinical and patient care to ensure optimal outcomes.

The conditions we treat include:

  • Spine Tumour Surgery/Treatment
  • Lumbar Spine Surgery
  • Cervical Spine Surgery
  • Slip Disc Surgeries
  • Spinal Instrumentation
  • VP Shunt Surgeries (For Hydrocephalus)
  • Baclofen pump implantation (For Spasticity/weakness)
  • Congenital Spinal Abnormalities
  • Scoliosis Correction surgeries
  • Myelomeningocele repair in newborn child
  • Tethered cord/Lipomeningocele repair
  • Headache & Migraine
  • Epilepsy
  • Spinal trauma and degeneration
  • Parkinsonism (D.B.S.-Deep Brain Stimulation)
  • CVA/ Stroke
  • Brain Haemorrhage
  • Brain Tumour Surgery