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physiotherapy during pregnancy

Physiotherapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life, but it comes with its own share of lower back pain. Backache is the most common, with 70% of pregnant women complaining about the same.

Physiotherapy is your best bet in such cases. During pregnancy and post-partum, guided exercise is effective in reducing low back pain, pelvic pain and involuntary urination.

We, at the CK Birla Hospital, aim to reduce your pain during pregnancy. We offer special classes of Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women. The program covers each pregnancy trimester to enable problem-free pregnancy.

Outline of classes:

– Each session is composed of 1 hour
– Duration of the exercise is 8 hours, spread across three trimesters
– Charges – INR 4,200
– The first session of the client will be one-to-one with our expert physiotherapist. This is irrespective of whether the client opts for solo classes, or group classes

First Trimester (1 session)


– Posture
– Challenges at home and work
– Pre-existing musculoskeletal problems


– Postural re-education
– Ergonomics at workplace and home
– Techniques for safe lifting and mobility
– Educating expectant parents about maternal and fetal changes
– Treatment for pre-existing musculoskeletal problems

Second Trimester (3 sessions)

Exercises are started after completion of the anomaly scan, and with clearance from the primary consultant.
3 classes at approximately 22nd week, 24th week and 26th week.

– Stretching techniques to improve flexibility of the lower limbs and pelvis
– Mobility and strengthening exercises for the spine and the abdomen
– Fitness – prescription of duration, difficulty level and type of exercise (walking, stationary cycling, etc.)
Pain Management:

– Supportive taping
– Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
– Heating pad

Third Trimester (4 sessions)

Four classes at approximately 28th week, 30th week, 32nd week and 34th week.

– Advanced strengthening for the spine and abdomen
– Kegel’s exercise
– Stretching techniques to improve flexibility of the lower limbs and pelvis
– Pain management
Labour coping strategies:

– Relaxation techniques
– Breathing exercises
– Positioning to facilitate labour
– Techniques to use in the pushing stage

Note: The duration and depth of physiotherapy can be altered to client’s needs. A client cannot return for physiotherapy follow-ups.

Visit expert physiotherapists at the CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon.

Dr. Aruna Kalra
Author: Dr. Aruna Kalra
Dr. Aruna Kalra, a renowned Gynecologist in Gurgaon, has over 23 years of experience in managing women’s health. She is a gold medal holder for her academic work in her field. She specializes in scar-less laparoscopic surgeries. She is experienced in performing, minimally invasive gynaecological surgeries, managing high-risk pregnancies & aiding vaginal deliveries after caesarean.