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What to expect during the third trimester of your pregnancy

Pregnancy Third Trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy starts from the 28th week and continues till delivery. Delivery of the baby usually takes place around 40th week of pregnancy. However, there can be a variation of a week or two on either side. Crossing your EDD might require induction of labour. Have a chat with your doctor regarding the same.

The baby will grow in this trimester to its full extent. The baby develops all its systems and organs to its entirety. By the time you reach the 34th week of pregnancy the head of the baby usually moves down with bottom up position. In some cases, however, the baby may continue to lie in the breech position. You will be experiencing lots of fetal movement during this trimester. Abdominal skin and round ligaments of the abdomen are stretching to accommodate the growing baby. Fatigue can be common during this trimester as the baby is growing and hence exerting weight on to your lower abdomen and back. Heartburns may recur as experienced in the first trimester, as the growing uterus pushes stomach and its contents upwards.

You may experience lack of bladder control leading to frequent urination/urine leakage, even when you sneeze. Try doing Kegels exercise to relieve the symptom. Leaky breast is another common phenomenon experienced in this phase of pregnancy. Keep the skin of the abdomen moisturized to combat itching, dryness and stretch marks.

Around the 36th week, you may experience something called lightening where the baby drops in the pelvis and the presenting part of the baby gets accommodated into the lower pelvic bone.

You may experience stringy mucus of a pink or brown colour which is a sign of labour being on its way. Labour contractions are like fetal movements but unlike the fetal movements experienced before, this time the contractions are not going to decrease in intensity upon movement but will only increase in intensity.

In case you have fever, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or any abnormal symptom drawing your attention, you must talk to your gynaecologist immediately. In this trimester, you will want to keep count of movements that you experience throughout the day. Be cautious about the number of fetal movements you perceive especially during the ninth month; the numbers and fetal movements are likely to reduce to some extent as you approach the day of delivery. After due consultation with your doctor, keep doing pregnancy exercises and taking relaxation massages in this trimester.

You can expect to undergo some diagnostic tests in trimester such as a sonogram for fetal growth and the blood flows along with physical examination which will include examining the pelvis. You will also be finishing your vaccination course by this time .

In case you are declared as a high-risk pregnancy, opt for a hospital well-equipped with advanced neonatal care support. Get a hospital booking done in advance to avoid last minute hassles. The Neonatal Care Unit at the CK Birla Hospital provides expert neonatologists to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable for the baby as far as possible.

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Keep your hospital bag ready with all necessary items which will be required immediately post birth. Enroll yourself into classes and learn about the available options and healthy delivery, like a water birth, labour analgesia, pros and cons of a caesarean section, breastfeeding techniques and its benefits, etc.

Inform your family members and your doctor about any special arrangement that you would like to have at the time of childbirth.

Connect with one of our expert obstetrician at the CK Birla Hospital, top maternity hospital in Gurgaon to learn more about the basics of post-delivery care for the baby and yourself. Book an appointment today!

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