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We partner with you from pre-conception to post-birth with tailor-made care plans and absolute discretion. It is our role to ensure you have a memorable pregnancy and birthing experience. Our world-class personalised maternity care will ensure your child’s birth is a safe, comfortable and joyful one.

Our coordinated care team of obstetricians, anaesthetists, a midwife, nutritionists and support staff has the expertise and experience to support you through all the stages of pregnancy and delivery. Your care team will include neonatal, paediatric and adult critical care experts available 24×7 and highly trained nurses providing compassionate care. You will also receive all the information you need to give you choice and control over your birth plan.

Our team of anesthetists and physicians supported by our advanced ICU facilities enable us to handle high-risk pregnancies. We are amongst the few hospitals in India to have a centralised fetal monitoring system which can be accessed by consultants from any location.

At our hospital, antenatal and postnatal guidance is delivered by experts through one-on-one sessions and small groups, to ensure that you and your baby have a safe and private experience and to equip you with skills and confidence that will get you back into everyday life. When you make an appointment with your doctor, we will also provide you time with our extended care team that can go over your medical history, discuss your care plan and answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to make an appointment and take a tour of our facility.

Treatment and services we offer include:

Preconceptual care and guidance

Routine prenatal care including treatment of pre-existing conditions and vaccinations

Prenatal care

Whether you have a low risk or complex pregnancy, we assure that you are closely monitored and make recommendations tailor-made to your needs, such as:

  • Managing high-risk pregnancies like ectopic pregnancy
  • Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP)
  • Dilatation and curettage (D&C)
  • Fitness and nutrition classes and birth preparation including Lamaze, Yoga, dietician services for customised pregnancy diet,  as well as other integrated therapies
  • Ultrasound scans throughout the pregnancy term

Labour and birthing

  • Different birthing options like c-section, forceps delivery, water birthing
  • Alternative methods of managing labour pain such as transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), hypnotherapy to ease normal vaginal delivery
  • 24X7 Epidural services
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean
  • LDR and NICU III facilities and treatment options
  • Fetal monitoring in labour

Postnatal care

  • Support, guidance, education for both parents
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Postpartum depression
  • Home visits post-discharge


Antenatal Package

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