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Pregnancy to parenthood programme

This programme aims to educate expecting & new parents to better care for their baby.
Pregnancy to parenthood programme
Pregnancy to parenthood programme
Personalised childbirth preparation classes
Certified antenatal trainers
Online & offline one-on-one sessions
Dietary guidance from specialised nutritionists
Lamaze childbirth & hypnotherapy educators

At the Department of Obstetrics, antenatal guidance and childbirth preparation classes are delivered by experts through one-on-one sessions and small groups, to ensure that you and your baby have a safe and private experience. Our pregnancy to parenthood programme is a comprehensive approach aimed to equip you with skills and confidence that will ease your childbirth and get you back into everyday life comfortably while giving you the assurance to provide the best care to your newborn.

Our maternity specialists
Our maternity specialists

About pregnancy to parenthood programme
About pregnancy to parenthood programme

The pregnancy to parenthood programme is a group of maternity care services offered in order to empower and educate new and expecting parents. Transitioning into a new parent requires certain skills that nobody prepares you for. Our programme covers all areas of pregnancy, labour, delivery, post-delivery and newborn care to give you the right direction you need. We offer online and offline antenatal classes in a tailor-made manner so that you can heed to the unique needs of your little one.

Labour and childbirth education

Labour and childbirth classes are informative training sessions. These sessions offer information that would be useful to you during labour and delivery such as the signs and stages of labour, coping with labour pain and self-help skills, alternatives for pain relief, birthing positions and the complications that may arise during delivery. These sessions help expecting parents make wise and informed choices during their labour and childbirth period. 

The childbirth preparation classes also offer you a chance to discuss your concerns and fears about labour and delivery.

Lamaze and hypnotherapy education

Lamaze is an evidence-based coping method against labour pains. It is a popular mechanism that involves deep and rhythmic breathing exercises. Lamaze classes have been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and perception of pain during labour. This technique offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Induces labour naturally
  • Prevents labour stalling  
  • Reduces the need for medical interventions

 Hypnobirthing is a self-hypnosis method that promotes relaxation during and before childbirth. This method offers physical, emotional and spiritual awareness to expecting mothers and helps in reducing their anxiety and fears associated with labour and childbirth.

Fitness and nutritional guidance

Every pregnancy is unique in its own way. Hence, every expecting mother requires a unique dietary plan and exercise regime. Our nutritionists, counsellors and obstetricians tailor-make your birth plan to best suit your and your baby’s health requirements. You will receive specific diet charts and strength training during pregnancy including classes on yoga and pilates. These sessions offer an in-depth analysis of what your body requires most to maintain your health and have a safe and comfortable pregnancy. 

Lactation counselling 

Being a new mother is one of the most rejoiceful times. However, new mothers face a host of challenges in caring for their newborns and understanding their needs, one of them being the right way to breastfeed. Our certified lactation counsellors hold individual breastfeeding educational classes to teach you the accurate approach for feeding your baby like avoiding pain during breastfeeding. 

Postpartum support 

The pregnancy to parenthood programme is an all-inclusive programme where our counsellors extend their support to new mothers. We offer postpartum care to new parents so that they can strengthen their bond with their newborn and face the challenges of caring for a baby with expert-approved methods. Our counsellors also provide postpartum depression support to new mothers in a compassionate and friendly manner.

Patient testimonials
Patient testimonials


Childbirth preparation classes help you gain a better understanding of labour, delivery and caring for your newborn. These are personalised classes with an objective to address your concerns, discuss your options and prepare you for newborn care. 

You can start taking antenatal classes when you around 30-32 weeks pregnant.

It includes guidance on proper breastfeeding, proper latching positions and pain during feeding.