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Normal delivery

Normal delivery is the most common and natural form of childbirth
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Why choose us for normal delivery?

Why choose us for normal delivery?
Special focus on normal delivery
Labour delivery rooms as per international standards
North India’s only water birthing facility
Piped Entonox for labour pain management

At the CK Birla Hospital, our team of obstetricians place a special focus on normal birthing. Our care team designs personalised birthing plans and labour strategies to offer safe and normal vaginal delivery. We are also the only hospital in North India to provide water birthing, an ancient form of natural birthing enabling us to offer expecting mothers full control and choice of their pregnancy. Our state-of-the-art facilities are supported by 24×7 epidural services and critical care management, should the need arises, for a comfortable birthing experience.

Our normal delivery specialists

Our normal delivery specialists

About normal delivery

About normal delivery

Normal delivery is also known as vaginal delivery and natural childbirth. It is that form of childbirth that happens naturally with few or no medical or surgical interventions. Pregnant women who choose to deliver normally depend on a variety of evidence-based breathing and relaxations techniques to endure and control pain. Your care team offers complete guidance and support through the different stages of labour and childbirth.

Advantages of normal delivery

Normal delivery is among the foremost choices of birthing for women because of the advantages it offers, such as:

  • More control to the mother over her body
  • A more natural and empowering experience
  • Greater levels of comfort for the mother
  • Prevents potential side-effects from medications
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Quicker recovery for the mother
  • Fewer breathing complications for the baby
Normal delivery process

The normal delivery process is divided into three main stages of labour and birth. 

The first stage: Labour 

The first stage is when you begin to feel contractions. These contractions cause your cervix to open and become soft allowing the baby to enter the birth canal. This phase is known as early labour when you will irregular mild contractions because your cervix dilates and effaces. These contractions will then become stronger. This phase is known as active labour when you will feel increasing pressure in your back. You can expect your pain to intensify largely. 

Every woman experiences a different intensity of contractions for a unique period of time. During a normal delivery, a woman is in complete control of her body. At this time, you may channel your energy differently and use various techniques you have learnt during your pregnancy including Lamaze, meditation, hypnosis, walking, distractions, listening to music or visual imagery to handle labour pain without any medical intervention. 

The second stage: Birthing 

The second stage of normal delivery is childbirth itself. Your obstetrician will assist and deliver your baby. You will be expected to bear contractions and push. You may experiment with a range of positions to help the process become easier. Your baby’s head and chin will be delivered first followed by the rest of his body. Your obstetrician will then cut the umbilical cord. 

Emergency interventions such as episiotomy (a procedure that involves cutting the vaginal wall and the perineum) may be done to safeguard the health of you and your baby. 

The third stage: Delivery of the placenta 

After your baby is born, the final step is the delivery of the placenta. By this stage, your complete focus will be on your baby. Your obstetrician will examine your placenta and offer any medicinal support like stitches or repair of any tears if required. 

What to expect after normal delivery

Choosing a natural delivery can be an exhausting experience. You can expect to experience extreme tiredness, cold or shaky, soreness, cramping in the uterus and a sense of accomplishment. 

Risks of normal delivery

  • Tearing
  • Haemorrhage
  • Incontinence for the mother
  • Heavy blood loss

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials



You can begin a physical workout soon after your childbirth if you have had an uncomplicated delivery. However, ensure to ask your obstetrician about the ideal time to start exercising. 

Every woman experiences a varied intensity and severity of pain. While some women may feel pain similar to menstrual cramps, others feel severe pressure similar to diarrheal cramps.

The situation when the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck is known as a nuchal cord. It is a very common event and in most cases, normal delivery is possible. However, only an obstetrician can determine the exact birthing method and its safety. 

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