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Fetal Medicine

Fetal medicine focuses on the assessment & management of fetus abnormalities
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Why choose us

Why choose us
Advanced fetal medicine centre
State-of-the-art Level III NICU
FMF UK certified fetal medicine experts
Expertise in high-risk pregnancy management
24×7 Emergency, ICU and Critical care facilities

Our advanced maternal fetal medicine centre is designed to comprehensively cater to your unborn. Our services include preconception counselling, state-of-the-art ultrasound for diagnosing fetal problems, therapy for in-utero conditions, which is supported by neonatal resuscitation and excellent intensive care facilities. We have infrastructure and equipment supporting qualified experts in fetal care who maintain world-class standards. Our fetal medicine experts are certified by the fetal medicine foundation (FMF UK) and are trained to provide you with ultrasound scans performed to the highest standards. This is backed up with informative and sensitive counselling. Our care also extends to women whose pregnancy might get complicated due to a maternal disease, thereby affecting the baby. In such a scenario, we work with your obstetrician to plan the management for you and the baby.

Our comprehensive services

Our fetal medicine specialists

Our fetal medicine specialists

About‌ ‌fetal medicine

About‌ ‌fetal medicine

Fetal medicine is the branch of science that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of fetal health concerns before, during or shortly after pregnancy. It is a speciality that offers advanced investigations and therapeutic options to treat conditions before the fetus is born. Common conditions treated at the fetal medicine unit include chromosomal defects in babies, thalassemia, increased blood pressure in pregnancy, preterm labour, fetal growth restriction, fetal anaemia, placenta previa and spina bifida.

Fetal ultrasounds

Fetal ultrasounds include the screening and diagnostic testing for chromosomal, genetic or structural defects of the fetus. These ultrasound scans are spaced throughout the pregnancy. These include:

  • Fetal Viability scan 6-10 weeks
  • First-trimester screening including 11 -13 weeks scan
  • Detailed Anomaly scan
  • Fetal Echocardiography (fetal cardiac examination)
  • Fetal well-being scans (Growth and Dopplers)
  • Cervical scan
  • Specialized multiple pregnancy scan (for twins and higher-order pregnancies)
  • Specialized neurosonogram (fetal brain evaluation)
Invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

We specialise in diagnosing the problem early and institute the necessary treatment before birth, which includes growth and blood flow monitoring, blood transfusions and LASER. We also have a speciality multiple pregnancy clinic for managing twins and higher-order pregnancies and offer necessary interventions. Invasive fetal tests and procedures include:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic Villus sampling
  • Fetal Reduction
  • Fetal Cord Sampling
  • Fetal blood transfusion
  • Fetal LASER therapy
  • Fetal Vesicocentesis
  • Fetal Pleurocentesis
  • Amniodrainage and amnioinfusion
Genetic counselling

Prenatal genetic counselling is offered to couples who are at an increased risk for fetal health concerns. Expecting couples can take genetic counselling before planning their pregnancy, during pregnancy or upon finding the risk of fetal problems. Experienced genetic counsellors provide information about the risk of fetal abnormalities, discuss and explain testing options, communicate results to plan your treatment protocol and offer educational resources to help you make informed decisions.

High-risk pregnancy management

Women with complicated or high-risk pregnancies often require care from maternal fetal medicine experts. We specialise in critical care obstetrics management and offer comprehensive care to mothers as well as premature and high-risk babies at our state-of-the-art Level III NICU and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).

Our advantage

  • Specialised centre for high-risk pregnancy.
  • State of Art & most advanced technology for fetal ultrasound.
  • Pre-conception counselling for older childless couples.
  • Genetic counselling for fetal anomalies & recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • Previous Child with abnormalities (e.g., Autism).
  • Specialized Fetal medicine unit with certified and experienced experts.

Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials

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