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Neonatal intensive care unit

Neonatal intensive care unit offers critical support to babies born with special needs
Why choose us?
Why choose us?
State-of-the-art Level III NICU
Special baby care unit
Expert team of neonatologists for high-risk newborns
Best-in-class care for preterm babies
Designed as a baby-friendly hospital as per WHO guidelines

The department of neonatology & paediatrics at the CK Birla Hospital is designed for the optimal care of babies and newborns with special medical needs. We have a cutting-edge Level III NICU equipped with advanced tools and technologies that best suit the requirements of infants. Our neontaologists are specially trained in the care to offer emergency and critical care with lasting effects.

Our neonatology specialists
Our neonatology specialists

About neonatal intensive care
About neonatal intensive care

When a baby is born, he/she should gain independent function of the organs. Sometimes babies need critical attention as they are unable to restore maxim function after birth. For example, they may be experiencing difficulty in breathing or respiratory or feeding problems. Intensive care or critical care is offered to babies and newborns with an acute medical condition.

Features of Level III NICU
  • Comprehensive services are offered to extremely tiny babies born at less than 28 weeks of gestational age and weighing less than 1000 g
  • Equipped with advanced life & respiratory support and ventilation tools 
  • Furnished with equipment for surgical interventions, if needed
  • Provides access to the full range of paediatric subspecialties 
Conditions that may require NICU admission
  • Respiratory distress
  • Sepsis 
  • Jaundice 
  • Nutritional or feeding problems 
  • Extreme premature birth 
Risk factors leading to NICU admission

  • Low or advanced maternal age
  • Fetal distress 
  • Comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension in the mother 
  • Multiple pregnancies 
  • Breech position 
  • Cord around the neck 
  • Birth injuries 
  • Premature rupture of membranes in mother 
  • Insufficient amount of amniotic fluid
  • Small gestational age 

Patient testimonials
Patient testimonials


NICUs are divided into three categories: Level I, II and III. A Level III NICU means that high-end subspeciality levels of paediatric critical care can be offered to the babies.

A level III NICU can provide stabilisation, allow for minor surgical procedures and offer continuous intensive care at subspeciality levels. 

A level II NICU provides intensive care to babies and infants who are considered moderately ill while Level III NICU offers critical care to extremely ill and premature babies with even more advanced needs.