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15 Hair Growth Tips | CK Birla Hospital

hair growth tips

Hair is essentially protein filaments that grow from follicles in the dermis. It is one of the primary characteristics of all mammals. Hair removal and hairstyles vary widely across different historical periods and cultures,  but it is often used to indicate a person’s social position or personal beliefs, like their religion, sex or age. 

Promoting faster and healthier hair growth can be achieved by doing certain things such as reducing your stress, avoiding chemical dyes, using products made with caffeine and eating more protein. Dialling back on heat treatments can help too. 

Although genetics play a role in hair growth, there are various other factors which also come into play. There is no magic formula for instant hair growth, however, there are steps you can take to boost the growth and health of your hair. If you are having trouble getting your hair to grow or are concerned about hair loss, you might want to talk with a doctor about why this may be happening.

What are the Tips for the Best Hair Growth?

Genetics plays a role in maintaining healthy hair growth, however, various other factors also come into play. 

There is no remedy or magical potion which will result in instant growth, but you can take some steps to help prevent breakage and make your hair grow, such as:

 1. Avoid Restrictive Dieting

  • We can not control everything that affects our hair growth, but there are things we can avoid that may cause increased shedding and impaired growth.
  • Restrictive dieting can decrease nutrients and resources needed for hair growth. It also puts your body under stress, which quickly halts hair growth.
  • A study has suggested that both the structure of your hair and its growth can be impacted by a deficiency in key nutrients. Temporary shedding can be caused by sudden weight loss or diffuse alopecia due to a niacin deficiency.

2. Check Your Protein Intake

  • Shedding can occur and hair won’t grow optimally if your diet is severely restrictive. 
  • A well-balanced diet containing adequate protein intake is important for optimal hair growth. Usually, 50 grams of protein or more per day is recommended. 

3. Try Caffeine-infused products

  • The topical use of caffeine can give a boost to your hair growth. 
  • As per research, certain topical products, like conditioners and shampoos can effectively prevent hair loss, similar to drug-based treatments. Caffeine might promote hair growth by proliferation of cells and stimulating the metabolism. 

4. Explore essential oils

  • Essential oils may help promote hair growth and also smell good.
  • One study found that pumpkin seed oil applied topically significantly increased hair regrowth in participants with female pattern baldness after 3 months. Rosemary oil might be just as effective as minoxidil, at restoring hair growth.
  • Other essential oils such as lavender oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil can also help prevent hair loss.

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5. Boost Your Nutrient Profile

Specific fatty acids, minerals and vitamins are particularly important for your overall health and also play a key role in providing your body with the energy needed for hair growth. These nutrients are:

  • Biotin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Omega-3 and omega-6

Some studies have found lower levels of zinc, folate and vitamin D in people with the autoimmune hair-loss condition alopecia areata.

One study found that taking omega-6 and omega-3 supplements for six months may help prevent hair loss in people with female pattern baldness.

6. Indulge in a Scalp Massage

  • A scalp massage can help relieve stress, promote relaxation and might also help boost the health of your hair.
  • It is thought that a scalp massage might help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, which in turn may lead to stronger, thicker hair which is less likely to become damaged or break off. 

7. Look into PRP (platelet-rich plasma treatment)

  • One study has found that PRP  might serve as an effective treatment option for hair loss. 
  • This treatment uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s platelets to accelerate and restore hair growth. Platelets are proteins derived from one’s DNA and bloodstream which can act like a stem cell when placed back into the body. 
  • The dormant hair follicles are awakened by scalp injections of PRP, resulting in more hair growth.
  • Treatments can be once a month, for three months, and every six months thereafter for maintenance. 

8. Hold the Heat

  • Heat from straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons can cause breakage and damage your hair. 
  • Reducing the temperature of heated styling gear also can assist lessen hair damage.
  • According to research, hair breakage may significantly be reduced by using a heat-protectant product before using a heated styling tool. It works by forming a protective barrier that helps prevent moisture loss when using heated tools.

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9. Talk to a Doctor about Minoxidil

  • Some ingredients, like minoxidil, have shown positive results and have been clinically tested for hair growth.
  • It is used to treat hereditary hair loss at the back of the head, however, it does not work for everyone and it can take up to three to six months to see the results.

10. Go Easy on Colouring Your Hair

  • When we change the texture of our hair with chemicals and dye them, it puts stress on the hair and causes them to break. Permanent dyes may strip the natural fatty acids that make up your hair.
  • Toning down these processes leads to less hair breakage and faster growth.

11. Apply Antioxidants to Your Scalp

Applying antioxidants to your scalp might improve the condition of your scalp and significantly reduce hair loss as per some clinical studies. 

Researchers accept that these ingredients guard and enhance the scalp barrier, resulting in much less hair loss.

12. Prevent Hair Breakage

Frizz, dryness and hair breakage can happen when the scales that hold the strands together in your inner hair cuticles fall apart.

Try doing the following to stop this from happening:

  • Eating a diet rich in hair-strengthening nutrients like folic acid, zinc and iron
  • Applying shampoo mainly to your scalp
  • Using conditioner
  • If you towel dry your hair, pat it dry instead of rubbing it
  • If possible, let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer
  • Avoiding overbrushing
  • Only use a natural bristle brush to fashion your hair

13. Trim Your Hair Regularly

  • The growth of healthy hair can be boosted by trimming your hair every few months. It removes split ends, preventing them from spreading further up your strands and causing hair breakage.
  • Your hair won’t grow faster by trimming as the growth remains around half-inch per month, no matter how often you cut it.

14. Protect Your Hair while You Sleep

  • Try the following steps to promote healthy hair when you’re sleeping:
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep (usually seven to nine hours). Insufficient sleep decreases your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in regulating hair growth.
  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase to help prevent the tangling, tugging and friction that can cause hair breakage, especially if you have long hair.
  • Sleeping with wet hair should be avoided. Laying on wet hair can lead to matting or breakage and weaken your strands.

15. Reduce Stress

Chronic stress can lead to hair loss as per research. It causes the follicles to go into a resting phase during which they shed hair instead of growing new strands.

Some natural ways to reduce stress are:

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Write in a journal
  • Eat a healthy diet

What to Eat for Hair Growth?

  • Minerals and vitamins from food play an important role in cellular turnover and the hair follicle growth cycle.
  • Consuming a diet which lacks the right nutrients can lead to hair loss. The deficiencies in iron, riboflavin, biotin, vitamins B12 and D and other nutrients are associated with hair loss as per some studies. 
  • Eating a balanced diet that is rich in these minerals and vitamins might help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition.

Some Foods which Support Hair Growth and are Rich in Nutrients are:

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fatty fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Beans
  • Soybeans
  • Meat


Hair is one of the most easily visible parts of the body. If you are facing problems with the health and growth of your hair, then it is advisable to seek medical help from an experienced dermatologist. Timely care and help can ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment of your hair issues.

At the CK Birla Hospital, we ensure patients get holistic medical support which includes treatment in a compassionate environment. This patient-centric approach not only helps patients heal better but also ensures they are aware of the preventive measures as well. In case you need to consult a dermatologist, reach out to us, or book a direct appointment with Dr. Seema Oberoi Lall at the CK Birla Hospital.

FAQs Related to Hair Growth

Why doesn’t My Hair Grow?

There can be numerous reasons for hair not growing or slow growth, including stress, hormones, genetics and age. 

How to Thicken Hair?

Some ways to thicken your hair include eating a balanced diet, maintaining hydration levels, taking care of your scalp and brushing techniques, avoiding overwashing and choosing the right hair-thickening products. 

Which Hairstyle Grows Hair Faster?

There are certain protective hairstyles such as box braids, cornrows and flat twists which prevent breakage and promote hair growth. 

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