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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Offer in Delhi


As you read this, India is competing for the top spot in the highest number of breast cancer patients in the world. As per multiple national and international surveys, 1 in 8 women are suffering from breast cancer. A majority of which are not even aware of having it grow in the body. 

Why is breast cancer awareness important?

Breast cancer contributes to over 1/5th of the total cancer fatalities in women. As with most cancers, early detection is the best defence. However, due to lack of awareness among women in different walks of life, most breast cancer cases are detected in the most advanced stages. Approximately, 60% of these cases can be eliminated if the cancer is detected at an early stage with the help of targeted treatment and surgery. 

Who is more likely to get breast cancer?

Breast cancer originates in the breast tissue where cells abnormally multiply to form a tumor (Metastasis). The disease is largely focused on women. It can happen to anyone, but is more likely for women who have:

  • Early periods (before 12 years) or late menopause (after 55 years), 
  • Irregular periods with hormonal imbalance due to obesity
  • Conceived after 30-35 years of age 
  • Not breastfed their baby or has opted for less breastfeeding
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices including excessive smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Family history of breast cancer

Which symptoms indicate you need medical help?

Look out carefully for these warning signs: 

  • A painless lump in or around the breast 
  • Breasts becoming larger, changing shape, contour, or just feels different
  • Skin texture changes around the breast redness, inflammation, ulcers, dimpling, etc. 
  • Change in the position of nipples: inverted, retracted, or deviated
  • Pain in breast or underarm with rash around the nipple
  • Nipple discharge: clear or bloody

Any of the above symptoms are sure shot indicators that you need to consult an oncologist. But in most early cases there are no tangible symptoms.

I have no symptoms. How do I ensure early detection? 

Early detection of breast cancer gives you a fighting chance against cancer. Since in the early stages the cancer symptoms do not surface, one should opt for regular breast examination and screening tests. 

Screening test is a healthy practice to steer clear of chances of cancer. 

– For women between ages 25-35, these can be done once in 3 months with a short self examination either by themselves or by a breast specialist. 

– But for women above 35 clinical screenings become necessary as they are at a higher risk. This involves a yearly mammography or breast ultrasound and monthly self examinations.  

Mammography is like a chest x-ray but only for the breast. These are very effective in locating early stage breast cancers including such cases where the symptoms surface years later. Those missed by a mammography are detected during ultrasound. The benefits of screening tests are:

  • Early detection for planned and informed treatment.
  • Higher treatment success rates.
  • Lesser likelihood of aggressive surgical treatments.
  • Lesser likelihood of opting for chemotherapy.

Breast Cancer Awareness Drive at the CK Birla Hospital, Punjabi Bagh

Help is at hand, at the CK Birla Hospital, Punjabi Bagh. This October we are doing a Breast Cancer Awareness Drive, where we are offering up to 100% discount on our Breast Cancer Early Detection Package. This early bird offer includes Free Review by the leading Oncologists and Breast Cancer Specialists in Delhi NCR and a Free Mammography that will help in the early detection of breast cancer. 

This offer is available to all the women who walk-in to our hospital all month, free of charge to ensure that more and more women across age groups are aware of the disease and its symptoms. Women are the backbone of our society, and it is our duty to protect them from unforeseen dangers, for together we #canbeatcancer.

When & Why Should You opt for a Second Opinion?

Worldwide healthcare professionals are trying their best to find the ultimate cure to a fatal disease like cancer. This is a complex disease and requires consideration of various aspects, since it affects our bodies at the cellular level. 

While every professional is an expert in their field, the technique and treatment plan will decide how much the patient can utilise the treatment and professional expertise. Finding the best course will help the patient lead a better quality of life. 


Why should I get a second opinion when I’m already diagnosed with breast cancer?

Getting diagnosed with cancer is a life altering situation. Sometimes the news itself clouds our judgement and stops us from being optimistic. While it is vital that you get the treatment right at the very onset, second opinions ensure that you are making an informed decision about your body and life. With this you get to choose the latest therapy with the best possible chance of cancelling cancer.  

In most cases where cancer is suspected a small sample is collected from the affected region. This abnormal tissue is extracted using a core needle and sent for biopsy. Post lab testing, if the results confirm cancer, you may seek a second opinion to re-confirm the diagnosis and suggested treatment.

How can I get a second opinion at the CK Birla Hospital?

You can always book an appointment with our oncologists by simply call our helpline (+911141592200)

When seeking a second opinion, make sure you disclose all the test results and findings with the specialist to first evaluate whether the first opinion was correct. Then you will ask the doctor whether an alternative or better approach is available for the stage of cancer and level of complications you might have.

To help those patients already diagnosed with breast cancer choose the right course of treatment we offer an independent and transparent approach at the CK Birla Hospital. During our ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness Drive we are offering a helping hand for all our patients, including those seeking second opinions.

  • Up to 100% off on Mammography & Doctor Review
  • 20% off on any surgical procedures
  • Free review with Genetic Counsellor
  • Priority appointment

We are always ready to serve you as your trusted healthcare partner.

Why Choose us for Oncology Services

At the CK Birla Hospital, we are committed to delivering the finest world class healthcare services to patients across multiple specialities. Which is why we are home to the best medical and surgical oncologists in Delhi NCR who believe in compassionate & restorative care.  Each year our team helps women cancel cancer across age and nationalities.

Our Breast Centre is a dedicated unit offering comprehensive breast cancer treatment for all stages. We personalise your treatment plan based on your overall health, your symptoms and your history of the disease. Our treatment alternatives include surgical removal of cancer cells, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy.

  • A judgement-free friendly space
  • Comprehensive breast screening program 
  • State-of-the-art ‘scarless breast surgeries
  • Chemo daycare lounge
  • Experienced breast cancer surgeons with over 5000 successful surgeries
  • 24X7 In-house radiology and diagnostic Services
  • Comfortable and spacious patient rooms and amenities
  • Critical care management
  • Advanced medicine care
  • State-of-the-art operative infrastructure
  • NABH Accredited
  • COVID safe centre
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