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Here's a clear look into complications arising postpartum and the signs and symptoms to identify these issues. The blog also provides details about when to contact your healthcare provider in case of complications after birth.

Your body doesn’t recover immediately after childbirth: it takes time to get back in shape. The first six weeks after birth are crucial to getting the healing journey started. Even if your focus is on taking care of your baby, there is ample need to make sure that your body is healing correctly. Post-delivery complications

The early signs of lung cancer are often mistaken for mild symptoms of some other diseases. You can also get a brief overview of the tests that are done to identify lung cancer.

According to the American Cancer Institute, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Studies suggest that approximately 75,000 new cases of lung cancer are reported each year in India. With such alarming statistics, it’s important to know the warning signs of lung cancer to get the best treatment. Cell production and cell growth

In hip dysplasia, the hip joint becomes wholly or partially dislocated. Most people diagnosed with this condition are born with it. Hip dysplasia treatment options generally include a hip preservation surgery if the damage is less, or total hip replacement in some severe cases.

If you’re diagnosed with hip dysplasia, you’re not alone. It is the most common form of hip arthritis before the age of 50. Let’s learn about this condition before moving on to hip dysplasia treatment. What Is hip dysplasia? More than half of your body weight rests on your hips. They allow smooth movement of

Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) is a standardized system used by radiologists to enable uniformity in assessing mammography reports. BI-RADS makes it easier for physicians to evaluate breast cancer risk.

BI-RADS refers to Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System. It is a standardized system developed by American College of Radiology (ACR) for the radiologists to categorize their findings of the mammogram. A mammogram is an X-Ray of the breast and used to detect early signs of breast cancer. The BI-RADS score helps radiologists communicate the