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Akshat Seth - COO, CK Birla Hospital For Women

Published by Health Biz Insight

October 25, 2019

CK Birla Hospital is boosting its presence across India with its unique brand positioning and a Rs. 1000 crore + expansion plan With a plan to expand and invest ₹ 1000 crores, the CK Birla Hospital has its eyes set on the entire country. These expansion plans are good news not just for the healthcare industry but for the country too. India has a huge unmet demand for quality healthcare infrastructure and facilities and healthcare providers are struggling to bridge the gap.  The CK

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Published by BioSpectrum

August 15, 2019

Delhi recently hosted Dr Frank Hoffmann to talk about the internationally accepted Discovering Hands concept and ‘Tactile Breast Examination’ (TBE) technique. A validation study was started by the CK Birla Hospital to study the same. Commenting on the findings, Director, Surgical Oncology & The Breast Centre at the CK Birla Hospital, said, “The country is witnessing a steady rise in incidence of breast cancer. One in 22 women are likely to suffer from breast cancer during their

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Published by The Times of India

August 15, 2019

A first of its kind study claims that when visually impaired women use tactile strips to map every centimetre of the breast, their high levels of sensitivity bring out better results, saving women by early detection. A voluntary organisation based in Delhi, the National Association for the Blind’s Centre for Blind Women has started training women to be MTEs to empower them professionally and financially. This training has been certified by the Rehabilitation Council of

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Published by OnlyMyHealth

August 14, 2019

Indian women have inherently higher breast density, in comparison to western women, with the peak incidence at 40– 50 years. Such facts also suggest the limited application of screening mammography in Indian settings. Even manual breast screening methods such as Self Breast Examination (SBE) and Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) are sparingly used in India. In such a scenario, Tactile Breast Examination is a unique breast screening technique offered by CK Birla Hospital that uses highly

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