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Are you wondering which risk factors make you more likely to get breast cancer symptoms? Here is a complete list of natural and personal risk factors to help you!

Breast cancer is considered to be one of the most common cancers amongst women around the world. Even in India, the number of breast cancer cases reported every year is alarming, with breast cancer accounting for more than 27% of all new cancer cases. Every year, the month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer

Benign, by definition, means non-malignant aka non-cancerous. Benign breast conditions (also referred to as benign breast disease) are non-cancerous tumours or diseases that affect the breast area. 

Human beings have a natural tendency to be health anxious, especially with regards to some areas of our body, for instance, breasts. If you were to wake up with an abnormality in your breast size, shape, touch or appearance, you would most likely assume it to be cancer. And rightly so, considering the high prevalence

While having a range of treatment options is great, it can also be stressful to make the best choice. Early-stage breast cancer patients face the dilemma of choosing between lumpectomy vs mastectomy. 
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“Cancer is a word, not a sentence”  Nearly 1 in 8 women (13%) will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. It can be appalling to receive a breast cancer diagnosis and be that one woman. However, the constant progress of medical science offers hope at times of distress. Patients are faced with

An abnormal sensation of sharp pain, burning, tenderness or tightness in the breast is characterises as breast pain. Breast pain reasons are not restricted to a single condition. Read more.

There is substantial levels of stigma prevailing around breast health. Women are embarassed to openly talk about concepts concerning their breasts. An ailment as simple as breast pain is shrugged under the carpet. Nonetheless, recognition is ideal for accessibility. To rally awareness about the same, we will discuss the several causes why breast pain occurs.