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Featured blogs

Premature ejaculation-causes, symptoms and treatment

When a man ejaculates sooner during a sexual intercourse than he himself or his partner would like to, it is called as premature e...

link between enlarged prostate and cancer, difference between enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, BPH Vs prostate cancer, link between BPH and prostate cancer, Enlarged prostate cancer risk, enlarged prostate mean cancer, enlarged prostate Vs Prostate cancer

The link between an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer 

Several symptoms of prostate cancer overlap with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). But is there a link between enlarged prostate ...

UTI in men, Urinary tract infection in men, UTI symptoms, Causes of UTI, UTI causes in Men

Urinary tract infection – A guide for men

Women are more prone to developing urinary tract infections, men can also develop UTIs. Here, Dr Shalabh Aggrawal answers common q...


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