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Internal Medicine

Migraine is a neurological condition, a primary headache disorder which is characterized by recurrent debilitating headaches scaling from moderate to severe. Read here about the different types of migraine, symptoms, causes and treatment.

Most certainly, you would have experienced the distress of a headache, sometime in your life. Remember the throbbing, sharp pain that disrupts your routine and does not seem to get any better? Now double the intensity and time of that pain and what you get is a headache disorder called migraine. Migraine headache affects nearly

Living with diabetes is not as complex once you learn the tactics to keep your blood sugar under control. In this article, Dr Tushar Tayal, best internal medicine specialist explains how the clinical management of diabetes is done. 

Indian sweets have a separate fan base across the globe. The wide variety of delicacies are an element of joy for everyone. However, happiness is not all that these sweets bring. Diabetes is a popular and common ailment with prevalence in more than 30 million Indians. Our lifestyle choices and eating habits have a large

A flu shot vaccine, as the name denotes, is a vaccination that provides protection against the influenza virus. Here, Dr Tushar Tayal offers his insights on the relevance of influenza vaccines during the chaotic times of coronavirus. 

Coronavirus has been the highlight of the year 2020. It has effectively sent the world in a frenzy and shifted the outlook of the healthcare sector. Every single person has been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another. People have become apprehensive of even common viral infections and rightly so. While the battle against

The change in season brings along an increased risk of health issues. In this article, Dr Tushar Tayal, a prominent Internal medicine specialist, addresses some cold-weather health hazards and how to prevent them.

Each year, with the onset of cold-weather, Indian households prepare to battle winter health hazards. Our mothers gear up with the traditional chyawanprash, monkey caps and vegetable soups to protect us from seasonal health concerns. This winter season, however, we might need to carry out additional protection.  The world is still struggling with COVID-19. We