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It's scary to look down and see blood on the tissue or in the bowl. One should never ignore blood in stool as this could be a sign of colorectal cancer. Read more here on the different causes of blood in stool and possible treatment options.

Blood in stool (rectal bleeding or haematochezia) can refer to any blood that passes from the anus, although blood in the stool is usually assumed to refer to bleeding from the lower colon or rectum. However, not all bleeding passing out from the body comes from the rectum. The blood or blood clot can come

There are many reasons for stomach aches after eating your meal. In this article, we have compiled a list of possible reasons for a stomach ache right after a meal.  

Growing up, we were taught many “rules” regarding how and what to eat. We were also told what habits to avoid while eating such as drinking water in the middle of a meal. While most of them are unfounded (ex: if you eat an orange seed you will grow an orange tree from your stomach),

Piles, Fissures and Haemorrhoids are lifestyles diseases which can cause great discomfort for a person affected by these. It is important to understand the difference between piles and fissures to get diagnosed and treated in a better way.

Irritable and itchy anal cavity, trouble passing stools, bloody stools, and discomfort when you sit for a long time? – chances are you may have experienced these conditions at some point in time in your life. You’re not alone! 50% of the Indian population suffers from haemorrhoids. It is reported that 20% of cases suffer

A hernia is a common condition that often leads to the use of surgery for treatment. It is essential to learn about what is a hernia when the prevalence is so alarming. In this article, Dr Mayank Madan, talks about hernia, its causes and treatment. 

Most Indians are concerned and well-informed about cardiac and arthritic conditions. While, surprisingly, the incidence rate of hernia is on a rise in the Indian population. More than 1 million Indians experience this ailment annually. A hernia is a common condition that often leads to the use of surgery for treatment. It is essential to