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Antenatal care: A wise step into safe motherhood

antenatal care

For a vast majority of women, pregnancy is a noteworthy milestone in her life. This phase of life is, however, accompanied by immense levels of nervousness and concerns. From preconception to postpartum, a woman’s health undergoes remarkable changes. It is, thus, important that every mom-to-be receives personalised care throughout this journey. 

So how is this focused care given? The answer is antenatal care.

In this article, Dr Nivedita Kaul, a leading obstetrician in Delhi NCR, discuss the importance and elements of antenatal care. 

4 Ws, 1 H of antenatal care

What? Antenatal care is the care that a woman receives during her pregnancy via a skilled healthcare professional. It includes diagnosis and treatment of health concerns and pregnancy complications, preventive measures such as immunisation and specialised guidance regarding healthy behaviours.

You will be offered a variety of services during your antenatal appointments. Common services include:

  • Screening & diagnostic tests – Antenatal care includes a wide range of imaging and screening tests such as ultrasounds, blood tests, urin tests and genetic screening. 


  • Advice on lifestyle habits and nutritional intake – Every expectant mother has a distinct nutritional need to host her baby in a healthy manner. Through antenatal care, you will receive personlised guidance on what to eat and what to avoid. 


  • Lamaze classes – Lamaze is a technique involving rhythmic breathing and relaxation exercises to help you prepare for labour and childbirth. 


  • Hypnobirthing – Hypnobirthing is a labour pain management method that includes focusing on the method of self-hypnosis and relaxation.


  • Antenatal yoga – Yoga is a highly beneficial activity to help alleviate different types of pain experienced during pregnancy. Antenatal experts offer guidance on several yoga poses throughout pregnancy to help you cope with symptoms.


  • Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy is a proven method that aids back pain, relieves incontinence and prepares you for labour and delivery. 


  • Lactation counselling – Antenatal care experts provide guidance and support to new mothers on the importance of breastfeeding and ways to make the experience easy and comforting for the mother and her newborn. 


  • Guidance on newborn baby behaviour – It can be challenging to understand and comprehend the needs of your newborn during the postnatal period. Antenatal care provides exclusive support to new mothers to help them take care of their baby in a more confident manner. 

Why? Antenatal care offers personalised information, awareness and access to medical tools to prepare you for pregnancy and parenthood. 

When? While some pregnancies arrive as a surprise package, others are thought through and well planned. In both scenarios, the earliest access to antenatal care is the right approach. Women seek comprehensive care while trying to conceive or within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Where? Antenatal care is not the job of a single caregiver. At the CK Birla Hospital, we offer the support of a collaborated care team that includes your obstetrician, anaesthetists, midwife, nutritionists, counsellors, lactation educator and support staff.

How? You will receive varying elements of antenatal care depending on the stage of your pregnancy, your medical history, your general health and the health of your fetus. 

For more information on our antenatal services or personalised guidance, consult with Dr Nivedita Kaul. Call +91 124 4882248 to book an appointment.

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