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The best tip on how to build strong bones in kids is to offer them a healthy lifestyle by implementing one. You can inculcate bone-strengthening foods in your meals to achieve a healthy living status. While making a nutritious meal plan for your kid, make sure to add plenty of nutrients. 

Childhood is the time when you lay the foundation stone of your mental, emotional and physical health. Children, however, are unaware of how to make a healthy start. This responsibility, thus, falls upon the parents. As a parent or guardian, you should ensure that your kids are receiving sufficient nutrients needed for their growth. In

Frozen shoulder is a common musculoskeletal disorder that affects the shoulder joint. It is medically referred to as adhesive capsulitis. In this article, Dr Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay, offers a complete guide of what is frozen shoulder and how to diagnose frozen shoulder.

Often pain in the shoulder is inappropriately given a blanket diagnosis of ‘frozen shoulder’. The first course of action by most people is to undergo physiotherapy. However, it is not enough to have untargeted physical therapy without proper diagnosis. More than 50% of older adults with diabetes are affected with frozen shoulder. It is, thus,

Ankle fracture happens when a bone in the ankle joint gets broken. This injury is also referred to as a broken ankle. A fractured ankle can range from a tiny crack in the bone to a complete dissociation where your bone peaks out of the skin. 

Three factors are interpreted for increased incidences of ankle injuries – slippery surfaces, sports and high heels. It is, however, possible to hurt your ankle at other places and situations. Even a casual walk around the neighbourhood can make you trip and fall, sometimes leading to an ankle fracture. According to a study by the Indian

As you grow old, your tissues age and lead to degenerative changes in your spine. Back spine problems are universal to all adults. It is, therefore, necessary to take prevention. In this article, Dr Debashish Chanda, offers simple tips to prevent spine problems. 

Here is a short exercise for you – sit back, adjust your spinal arch, stretch and fix your posture. Well done, you just took the first step towards protecting your spine. Back spine problems are highly common in both young and old people. Nearly 20% of the younger generation suffers from some form of a