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Diabetes: Morning to Night Routine of Diabetic Patient

daily routine for diabetic patient

Things you need to know:

  • Diabetic is a condition that currently has no cure, so managing and awareness is the only chance of survival
  • Diabetics have become an alarming situation for the younger generation than the older
  • It can go unnoticed for years and so can lead to severe complications to the health

Understanding diabetics: Daily routine for a diabetic patient

It’s not always easy to control diabetes and keep blood sugar levels consistent, but it is essential to do a little planning, organising, and making sure it is well executed so that the risks of highs and lows are reduced. 

It is necessary to maintain a routine that you are certain about and will be able to stick to in the long run because managing diabetics is the key to maintaining the right blood sugar levels all year long. 

 Starting afresh: AM

  • Examine: Check your blood sugar level first thing in the morning when you get up before eating. This offers you a good starting point and allows you to make adjustments during the day
  • Medication: Punctually take all medications as recommended by your healthcare professional in your prescription
  • Meals: Take your breakfast on time and avoid skipping your meals because when you have diabetes, what matters is how much you are eating and what you are eating throughout the day
  • Consuming the right amount of food: Write down portions of each food you should consume and stick to that portion size to know the exact carbohydrate count consumed. Make sure your meal is a well balanced and nutritious one
  • Travel safely: If you are off to someplace, always make sure to keep some healthy recommended snacks for yourself to eat in case of emergencies like suggested glucose tablets, or some fresh juice or fresh fruits or jamuns

Lunch Time

Examine again: Examine your blood sugar levels again before eating to have better clarity about the portion intake.

Nutritious meal: Always look for a healthy home-cooked meal to satisfy your hunger, which does not disturb your sugar levels.

Rest: If you are at home, rest for at least 30-45 minutes and if you are at work, relax for a while and go for a small walk.


Stay active: Walking, jogging, working out, light aerobics, or dancing can help you maintain a healthy weight and also help in keeping your blood sugar levels in control.

(Note: If you feel uncomfortable working out and experience low sugar, consult your doctor immediately.)

Snack time: Eat carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, or a handful of nuts.

Call it a night

Dinner: Avoid overeating at dinner time. Try eating small but nutritious portions to keep yourself full and healthy.

Relax: After having dinner, make it a habit to go for a little walk around your neighborhood to keep yourself active and fit.

Sleep: For people with diabetes, getting enough sleep is important because lack of sleep can make it more challenging to manage blood sugar levels. At least 6-7 hours of sleep is mandatory every night to function at their best the next day.

(Note: If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, consult your specialist. Sleep problems may be caused by either dip or rise in blood sugar levels.)

Recheck sugar levels: Before going to bed, always make it a habit to check your sugar level one last time.


Q. How often should I eat with type 2 diabetes?

You should eat at least 5-6 meals during the day.

Q. How long after taking insulin should I check blood sugar?

Wait for at least 2 hours after taking insulin to check the sugar levels.

Q. What is the miracle fruit that cures diabetes?

Jamun and blueberries are known to manage blood sugar levels.

Q. Is rice good for diabetes?

Rice can be included in the diet chart of diabetic patients but should be eaten in moderation.

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