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Bonding with your unborn

bonding with unborn baby

Babies begin experiencing the world right from the time they are in their mother’s womb. As much as their tiny bodies are still developing, some of their senses begin working when they are still inside their mom’s womb. They can perceive sound, light, touch, and a lot more when they’re in there. Babies also drink the amniotic fluid surrounding them, so when they do this, they can have a taste of what mom has eaten.

Growing fetuses develop likes and dislikes when they are still in the uterus and they can express their feelings to mom. They mostly communicate by moving in different ways while in the mother’s womb. A mom-to-be should take care of herself because more often than not, her baby will experience what she is experiencing. She should try to engage in activities that she knows makes her baby happy. Babies clearly recognize their mother’s touch while still in the womb, helping them to bond even before birth. Babies are most likely to reach out and touch the wall of the uterus when their mother caressed her bump. The response is nowhere near as strong when strangers or even the child’s father rubbed the mother’s stomach. This proves why mothers often feel their babies moving around and about when they touch their stomach only for it to stop suddenly when a partner or friend tries to feel it. Some researchers believe that the unborn babies response in a better way to touch in the third trimester, suggesting this is a key period for the development of a child’s self-awareness. Unborn babies also respond more and better when their mother talks to them, helping them learn to recognize her voice after birth. A gentle touch during pregnancy also plays a similar role. This familiarity between baby and mother is most likely due to the engagement of the mother with the developing foetus during the times of her pregnancy. A mother’s touch is in company of the movement of her whole body. It can also be the style of touch and the familiarity of the touch. A lot of women feel guilty admitting that they hate pregnancy. Others feel awful admitting that they were not as excited when they saw those two lines on the pregnancy test. Still others struggle with not feeling overwhelming feelings of affection for their newborn. Pregnancy and postpartum are physically and emotionally demanding times. A woman’s hormones fluctuate a lot more during this time, and it’s not realistic to expect yourself to feel the way you normally would in your usual routine. Yet still, the choices a mom makes during pregnancy affect the health and development of her baby. Therefore, it is vital for pregnant women to eat healthily, take prenatal vitamins, avoid anything deemed harmful to them, and keep off certain foods like raw and rare meats, fish, raw eggs, and unpasteurized milk as they contain harmful bacteria. They should also remain stress-free.

A famous saying quotes that “every pregnancy is different,” and it’s as true as it gets. No two experiences of pregnancy (even in the same woman!) are at all similar. Your best friend, sister, mother or grandmother may have had few symptoms and been able to maintain their usual schedule during pregnancy. You can make your own schedule that best suits you and your newborn, and continue bonding with your unborn.

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