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Special Breast Cancer Awareness at the CK Birla Hospital

Breast Cancer Awareness at CK Birla Hospital

CK Birla Hospital in Gurgaon is the first of its kind to introduce water birthing for expecting mothers. Women experience less pain in this procedure and the process is gentle on the baby as well.

Apart from this, the hospital also has a new Breast Centre that offers healthcare services like breast surgery, breast reconstruction and conservation, ultrasound and mammogram, screening through breast exams, chemotherapy, post-treatment support, etc. The Breast Center in collaboration with the National Association for Blind Women also offers a unique technique for breast screening that enables blind women to detect any abnormalities in breasts that might lead to cancer, making use of their highly developed sense of touch.



The method of screening:

  • Self-Breast Examination: This should be conducted every month after 20 years of age, according to the menstrual cycle.

Medically Trained examination

  • 20-25 years: every year
  • 25-70 years: Every six months
  • Above 70 years: yearly

Screening Sonomammography:

  • 20-45 years: every 2 years
  • 45-55 years: every year
  • 55-70 years: every 2 years

Demonstration of breast examination by Sakshi Dalmia:


As quoted by a breast surgeon – When a woman is examined by a machine for breast cancer, it is quite superficial as it does only what has been programmed to do, so it may be right or wrong. However, human hands and touch have compassion and feeling so they can perform the examination in a better way.

Ck Birla hospital is a comprehensive risk center, their aim is to –Prevent cancer, Detect it, Hit it hard and finish it and finally make it possible for the unprivileged people with various subsidies.

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