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Rare, Anti-synthetase syndrome case treated successfully at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram


To further strengthen the commitment to deliver high-quality care that is clinically reliable and safe, CK Birla Hospital has treated a 39-year old patient from Madhya Pradesh who was suffering from a rare condition, Antisynthetase syndrome. In this chronic condition, the muscles and various other body parts are affected. In this syndrome, the antibiotics target certain proteins in the body that lead to abnormal functioning of the immune system. 

This condition shows symptoms like inflammation of muscles and inflammation of multiple joints. 

On a global level, 1 out of 25000 people suffers from anti-synthetase syndrome. As per, Dr Kuldeep Kumar Grover, a leading pulmonologist, explains that due to lack of awareness among patients, physicians and clinical researchers the general public is known for the treatment and therapies for rare diseases like antisynthetase syndrome. So, as per Dr. Kuldeep, early diagnosis and timely treatment for the anti-synthetase syndrome. He explained that the patient was misdiagnosed for COVID-19 and earlier was receiving treatment for complicated, non-resolving, organizing pneumonia, long-haul COVID-19 and septicaemia which made her condition mild to severe. Post her admission to CK Birla Hospital, the patient underwent initial tests, and once the right diagnosis and screenings were completed, the patient was given steroids and other medications to which the patient responded well and was discharged.

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