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How Fetal Medicine put the smile back on bereaved mother by Dr. Shreyasi Sharma


Rh isoimmunization is a nightmarish condition for expectant mothers wherein the lady having Rh-Negative blood group develops antibodies against Rh-positive blood groups. This condition causes Fetal Anemia in the fetus and has devastating effects such as cardiac failure and fetal death in utero.

Dr. Shreyasi Sharma, a Fetal Medicine Consultant at CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon came across a pregnant woman with the Rh Isoimmunisation condition in the 25th week of pregnancy. Ultrasound suggested Fetal Anemia with fluid accumulation in the abdomen to the fetus. The couple was counseled about the need for intrauterine blood transfusions to the fetus. 

The patient was kept under constant monitoring during all 5 intrauterine blood transfusions that were successfully carried out to sustain the pregnancy until 34 weeks, after which the lady delivered a young boy with a healthy weight.

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