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पीरियड्स के दौरान महिलाओं को करना चाहिए इन चीजों से परहेज, वरना बढ़ सकती है परेशानी

Common menstrual mistakes know about foods

Dr Archana Pathak, leading obstetrician and gynaecologist at the CK Birla Hospital talks about the food items that worsen your menstrual cramps. Her insights are published in an article featured by the popular news publication ‘Live Hindustan’. 

Menstruation causes a variety of discomforts for women ranging from cramps, pain and bloating. These discomforts can be taxing for both the physical and psychological well-being of women. During this time, women tend to intake certain foods and beverages to help support these issues. However, some food items can further trigger the cramps and increase the severity of troubling symptoms. 



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