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Successful Water Birthing Experience by Dr Deepika Aggarwal



New mom, Neha Sood discovered water birthing during the 2nd trimester of her first pregnancy. She was undergoing a hypnobirthing course where she first got to learn about the pain alleviation mechanism and its benefits in managing labour pain. Her first baby was born via water birthing in Mumbai.

Two years later she moved to Gurgaon and was expecting again. “Given how beautiful my first water birthing experience was, I started searching for healthcare providers in NCR who specialise in water birthing. During my research I found that hypnobirthing was more easily accessible in Mumbai, Hyderabad and parts of Kerala. However, in NCR, the only credible name I could find was Dr Deepika Aggarwal at the CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram.”

Recalling their first interaction with Dr. Deepika, she said, “The first meeting itself gave us the confidence to proceed with her, especially because the CK Birla Hospital has always been known for their keen focus on women’s health, backed by an elite doctor panel and preference for natural birthing methods. This just seemed like the perfect fit for us.”


Impact of water birthing for both mother and the baby

How does the body respond to the water birthing?

  • Labour pain in water is a far less painful experience due to the significant and natural release of endorphins or happy hormones. Women feel more relaxed and the duration of labour is also reduced.
  • The soothing gentleness and warmth of the water helps naturally enhance oxytocin levels in the body making it very effective to manage the contractions.
  • The blood circulation in the body is boosted providing better oxygenation to the uterine muscles, ensuring reduced pain for the mother and higher oxygen supply to the baby.

What is the role of water in this birthing technique?

  • Warm water not only provides relaxation but also reduces the need for analgesia.
  • Water also helps the baby transition from the amniotic fluid of the womb to the water, making it more gentle.
  • Water also increases the elasticity of the perineum thereby relaxing it, reducing the severity of vaginal tear and hence stitches.
  • Water lends buoyancy to the body helping the mother take control of her labour and find a comfortable position.

How safe is it for the newborn child?

This technique is gentle for the babies. Since the transition is in a fluid mode itself.
Additionally the skin to skin contact with the mother is quickly being established which helps initiate breastfeeding easily.

Who can opt for Water Birthing?

The technique is safe for babies and they are as healthy as others born using traditional birthing techniques. But the following needs to be addressed while planning for a water birth.

  • This is only beneficial in the case of low risk pregnancies.
  • In high risk pregnancies, complications like high blood pressure, history of caesarean section, premature birth, multiple pregnancies etc, calls for continuous monitoring of the mother and the baby that is not possible underwater.

What are the possible risk factors?

Medical guidelines are paramount under all circumstances. Make sure the procedure is carried out in the presence of the expert doctor who has experience & training in water birthing and trained nurses. Care must be taken so that the baby does not swallow water and is pulled out at the right time.

Water Birthing: Patient Feedback

After a successful water birth under Dr Deepika Aggarwal at the CK Birla Hospital, she was very happy with the outcome. Speaking about the procedure, she said, “my Indian friends in London and California have opted for water birthing and I am grateful that I found the same in India. I believe more and more people in India should know about it and the practice definitely needs more awareness.”

Speaking about Dr Deepika, she added that, “I loved the fact that she has always been very assuring throughout our pregnancy and birthing journey. As a knowledgeable expert she always gave patient and detailed explanations backed with medical research on hundreds of our questions with a smile. We felt safe and comfortable going for a Water birth with her and she was always accommodating to my pursuits of a perfectly natural delivery. She made some acute recommendations on my birthing position to ease out the baby and reduce tears, which was another big win for me. I believe she’s a great combination of an astute doctor and a warm friendly figure whose diagnosis you can completely trust. I wish her more success in her mission to make water birthing more mainstream and help women enjoy the joys of natural birthing.”

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