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Successful & Less Painful Water Birthing Experience by Dr Deepika Aggarwal


The CK Birla Hospital has been the pioneer in establishing the water birthing technique of delivering babies in Delhi NCR. But why do they prefer such a unique birthing technique? Read on to know more…

How helpful is water birthing?

  • Labour pain in water is a far less painful experience due to the significant and natural release of endorphins or happy hormones. Women feel more relaxed and the duration of labour is also reduced.
  • The soothing gentleness and warmth of the water helps naturally enhance oxytocin levels in the body making it very effective to manage the contractions.
  • The blood circulation in the body is boosted providing better oxygenation to the uterine muscles, ensuring reduced pain for the mother and higher oxygen supply to the baby.

Why choose a water based birthing technique?

  • Water not only provides relaxation but also reduces the need for analgesia.
  • Water also helps the baby transition from the amniotic fluid of the womb to the water, making it more gentle.
  • Water also increases the elasticity of the perineum thereby relaxing it, reducing the severity of vaginal tear and hence stitches.
  • Water lends buoyancy to the body helping the mother take control of her labour and find a comfortable position.

How safe is it for the newborn child?

  • This technique is gentle for the babies. Since the transition is in a fluid mode itself.
  • Additionally the skin to skin contact with the mother is quickly being established which helps initiate breastfeeding easily.

Who can opt for Water Birthing?

The technique is safe for babies and they are as healthy as others born using traditional birthing techniques. But the following needs to be addressed while planning for a water birth.

  • This is only beneficial in the case of low risk pregnancies.
  • In high risk pregnancies, complications like high blood pressure, history of caesarean section, premature birth,multiple pregnancies etc, calls for continuous monitoring of the mother and the baby that is not possible underwater.

What are the possible risk factors?

Medical guidelines is paramount under all circumstances. Make sure the procedure is carried out in the presence of the expert doctor who has experience & training in water birthing and trained nurses. Care must be taken so that the baby does not swallow water and is pulled out at the right time.

Water Birthing: Patient Feedback

A firm believer in the lamaze techniques, Shruti discovered water birthing while she was attending a group yoga session while pregnant with her first child. She was keen on opting for water birthing, and was searching for a reliable healthcare partner and a doctor who would be fully trained in all the nuances of water birthing. “What got me intrigued were the potential benefits of water birthing in managing labour pain”, she said as she held her healthy newborn.
This is when a fellow expecting mother told her about Dr Deepika Aggarwal at the CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram.

Shruti was in her 8th month of the third trimester, with no complications in her pregnancy. This made her a suitable candidate to opt for water birthing. “When I confirmed her health conditions, I discussed in detail regarding water birthing process & her birth plan. I then suggested that she look into my videos about water birthing before incorporating the necessary changes in her customised birthing plan. Patient’s comfort level is a primary indicator for selecting this birthing procedure”, said Dr Deepika Aggarwal.

Further, she interacted with a water birth specialist nurse who was assigned to her and built the initial rapport necessary to facilitate the entire process. Now all she has to do is visit the hospital when she starts labour.

After a successful water birth under Dr Deepika Aggarwal at the CK Birla Hospital, she was delighted with the outcome. Speaking about the procedure, she said, “my Indian friends in London and California have opted for water birthing and I am grateful that I found the same in India. I believe more and more people in India should know about it and the practice definitely needs more awareness.”

On the day she came around 2 AM but was found to be in latent phase at 2 cm dilatation. She was advised to go home and re attend hospital with hood contractions (3 to 4 in 10 mins). She then returned at 5.30 AM nearly fully dilated. Under Dr Deepika’s direct supervision, she went into the pool and successfully delivered a healthy baby girl.

Speaking about Dr Deepika, she added that, “She has been an absolute blessing for me and my baby. I changed my doctor when we were supposed to book the hospital for delivery in my 8th month with a host of apprehensions.But I couldn’t have made a better choice. From the first day she made me comfortable and prioritised my choices and needs. Her team is also very sweet and co-operative. Would definitely recommend her to every expecting mother seeking a reliable doctor to guide her through her pregnancy journey.”

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