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Featured blogs

partial vs total knee replacement, total vs partial knee replacement, knee replacement surgery, knee replacement

Partial vs total knee replacement surgery: Which fits better?

As knee replacement surgery is generally an elective procedure, patients have the time to do comprehensive research before making ...

Shoulder Osteoarthritis, what is Osteoarthritis of the shoulder, glenohumeral osteoarthritis, shoulder osteoarthritis in shoulder joint, shoulder osteoarthritis symptoms, Shoulder arthritis, shoulder osteoarthritis treatment, How to treat osteoarthritis in shoulder, osteoarthritis of left shoulder, osteoarthritis of right shoulder, osteoarthritis shoulder surgery, Stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis of the shoulder, shoulder osteoarthritis physical therapy, osteoarthritis shoulder replacement, osteoarthritis shoulder surgery recovery time

Shoulder osteoarthritis – symptoms, causes & treatmentĀ 

Shoulder osteoarthritis is a slow breakdown of cartilage in the joints. All that you need to know - the symptoms, causes, diagnosi...

What is sports injury, what are the causes of sports injuries, What are the main causes of Sports injuries, how to deal with sports injuries, how to recover from Sports injuries, how sports injuries can be prevented, what are the most common sports injuries, Sports Injuries, Common Sports Injuries

Complete guide: What is a sports injury, its causes, management and recovery?

Unlike earlier days, where only education was given prominence, nowadays, sports have gained equal importance. However, it may als...

Knee replacement surgery, arthroplasty of the knee

The risk of delaying Knee Replacement Surgery

From further damage to late recovery, you face risks by delaying knee replacement surgery. Learn more about avoiding the stress......

Foot Pain

4 Types of foot pain one should not ignore

This article gives information regarding the four aches that mainly affect the feet. Along with the different types of pain,......

Diabetes, Dr Anuj Chawla, Diabetic Foot Care, Foot Care Tips, Diabetic foot problem

12 everyday tips for foot care in diabetes

Here, you will get to know about the guidelines that you need to follow to keep a check on Diabetic......

ACL Injury, ACL injury treatment, ligament tear treatment

Everything you need to know about ACL injury, its diagnosis and treatment

ACL injury have become increasingly common among young athletes, adults & people regularly engaging in sports. This article helps ...

ankle pain

Foot and ankle pain: everything you need to know

Foot and ankle pain is commonly experienced in old age. Dr Anuj Chawla (FAS), the best foot and ankle doctor......

Knee Replacement surgery,joint pain,knee pain

Quality of life after Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee joints are one of the most affected joints of the body which affects almost every aging person. Knee pain......

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The hand and the wrist bones are flexible which offer the body with support and elasticity to move objects in......

Things to know about ACL injury

Sports participation results in 70 percent of ACL tears, however these injuries are also seen commonly in non-sports cases....

Knee Pain – When to See a Doctor

Learn more about the symptoms, causes and risk factors of knee pain to know when to visit a doctor to......

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