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Importance of a Strong Core – Not just about having six pack Abs

Body Fitness, six pack abs

The core is the foundation of our body. Just as a building can’t stand tall without a sound foundation, our body too needs a sound foundation to function efficiently. The core makes everyday activities, from getting out of bed, to walking down the street more efficient. The core is the central link in the chain movements involving various parts of our body. Whether we’re hitting a ball or chopping vegetables, the necessary movements either originate in our core, or traverse through it.

Our abs aren’t just important cosmetically. The deepest layer of abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis (often referred to as the corset) stabilizes your spine and pelvis & helps keep us upright and maintain an erect posture. Having a strong core thus enhances balance and stability. Weak core leads to slouching whereas a sound core trims our silhouette and projects confidence. It also reduces wear and tear on the spine.

A strong core is what allows us to complete or continue an exercise or activity efficiently. It is however also important to be able to recruit the core effectively. Weak, tight, or unbalanced core, all can hamper the efficient functioning of our body.  While back injuries are very common with a weak core, other parts such as the shoulders, hips, and knees are also made prone.

Only with a stable center can the peripheries perform effectively.

‘Proximal stability allows Distal mobility.’

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