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Five things you should know before visiting an IVF centre

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According to WHO 2010 data, infertility affects one in four couples. People sometimes find it difficult to accept that it is a medical condition like any other and needs medical attention. Reproductive endocrinologists (commonly known as infertility specialists) are experts in this field and should be considered as first choice for all infertility treatments. If you are in the process of looking for the best IVF centre, here are some tips for you to choose the right one.

How successful is the procedure in this center?

Success of the IVF procedure depends upon a number of factors, most important of which is the age of the patient and the factor causing infertility. Two main factors affecting it are the age of the mother and the factor causing infertility. The success rate comes down with the age of the mother. If the age of the mother is less than 30 years, the success rate can be as high as 60-65%. If the mother’s age is more than 35 years it drops to 35-40%. If mother’s own eggs are used and her age is over 40 years, then the success rate can be as low as 10%. The success rates can be improved by proper selection of the IVF protocol, choosing the best embryos based on strict guidelines and proper pregnancy support.

If the centre has facility of Blastocyst culture and transfer

Embryos that can survive and grow in lab to the blastocyst stage, have the highest chance of implantation and success. It’s a natural way of embryo selection. Only the most competent embryo reaches a blastocyst stage. It is helpful in patients who have plenty of embryos. The embryos are made to grow to reach the blastocyst stage, and this selects the best embryo to be transferred. The surplus embryos are frozen and can be used in the future.

Is the doctor friendly?

The doctor you feel comfortable with should be your choice. You might have some questions, and you need to get them answered. Only a doctor who is polite and friendly will answer all your queries. When you feel connected with the doctor, you will end up satisfied with your treatment. The bond of trust is essential so that your doctor can look into the emotional needs as well. At times, IVF is not successful at the very first time. You can lose patience and hope, and you need a doctor who can help you through this.


IVF is no doubt a costly procedure, because of the drugs, culture media and equipment used. On an average a patient needs to try it 2-3 times before getting any success. This can be made cost effective if the centre has expertise in freezing of gametes. By freezing surplus embryos, patient has the advantage of getting repeated embryo transfers without paying for whole IVF cycle again and again. When you are looking for somewhere to go for IVF you should consider if the centre has this option.

Lab Standards

In an IVF cycle, a good laboratory is as important as a qualified and experienced doctor. The most important part of IVF i.e. embryogenesis (mixing of eggs and sperm) happens in the lab. Skilled doctors who have received special training in embryology are needed for the same. They are called embryologists. Get to know what standard of laboratories the IVF center has and if they have a good embryologist.

Apart from these, you should also check the scan facilities the center has. For instance, highly skilled doctors and advanced technology ultrasound present in the reputed Fertility center at the CK Birla Hospital can save your time and efforts. Moreover, the hospital also has advanced labour and recovery rooms, NICU and the best neonatologists in Gurgaon, as even after delivery, it can provide neonatal and special baby care that is all facilities are available under one roof.

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