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Do’s & Don’ts to avoid Skin Infections in Monsoon

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With the increase in humidity levels during monsoon season, so do a number of skin infections. The skin remains wet for a long period of time, due to sweat and when it rubs together, it gives rise to a condition called Intertrigo. The first and foremost advice is “Don’t neglect it”. It is a very common skin infection in all age groups, including children. People, who work in hot, humid conditions or are obese, are more prone to this type of skin rash. It may be contagious.

The areas that are commonly affected are:

  • Armpits
  • Behind the knees
  • Inner Thighs
  • Groin
  • Below the breasts
  • Underside of the belly
  • Creases on the neck
  • Waist
  • In between the fingers and toes
  • Diaper Area – in babies

The most common symptoms of Intertrigo are redness and itching of the affected area. Your skin may develop cracks that become wet and oozy. If there are pus-filled boils in the margins of the affected area, it signifies yeast infection. Another variant of skin rash is Tinea Cruris, which is caused by a fungus called Dermatophyte. The skin may not be very wet or oozy, but will have red centres with dry and scaly borders.

Not all skin rashes can be termed as Intertrigo or Tinea Cruris. Your doctor is the best person to determine the type of rash on your body and suggest the most effective method of treatment. In most cases, some anti-fungal creams and tablets are prescribed by dermatologists, depending upon your condition. Some anti-allergic medicines can also be prescribed for additional relief.

Medications can give relief from the discomfort and cure the infection, but you must take some simple precautions to keep such skin conditions at bay, and maintain healthy skin throughout the year.

Dos –

  • Personal hygiene is a must
  • Keep your skin dry at all times
  • Clean all skin folds with soap while bathing
  • After bathing, dry all skin folds thoroughly, especially in between the toes.
  • Wear only loose, airy cotton clothes
  • Use a towel or a tissue paper to pat dry areas with sweat
  • After gym or a workout session, take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly
  • Keep the diaper area clean in a baby, and change the diaper frequently


  • Avoid using oil in the affected areas
  • Don’t itch or rub the affected area
  • Avoid nylon and synthetic clothes as much as possible

As you need to breathe to stay alive, similarly, your skin also needs to breathe to stay healthy. Though you can’t avoid the heat and sweat in summers at all times, you can prevent and treat such infections by not neglecting it and identifying it at an early stage.

Hygiene is your best answer to Healthy Skin.

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