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About Us

The CK Birla Group has a legacy spanning over 150 years. And the CK Birla Hospital, founded by the CK Birla Group in 2017, aims to transform India’s healthcare delivery and culture. It is a network of world-class healthcare facilities focused on the needs of the patient, delivered with compassionate care by an experienced team of experts with a legit experience record. 


Experience clinical excellence by the Best Plastic Surgeon In Jwalapuri

Plastic surgery has now become one of the most popular procedures performed in India. Aesthetic surgery or plastic surgery can help you change the shape and size of the area for which you want to get reconstructed. People often get such procedures to enhance their features aesthetically or for functional reasons. If you are also looking for the best plastic surgeon in Jwalapuri, visit the CK Birla Hospital in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. 


Personalized care by Top Plastic Surgeon In Jwalapuri

CK Bira Hospital in Punjabi Bagh is a multi-speciality facility that is well-equipped to offer optimal care to patients. Some of the facilities we provide:

  • 24/7 medical emergency
  • Cullting edge medical faciliteis
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • A team of highly experienced experts
  • Well-trained hospital staff 
  • Modern diagnostics facilities


Address: 57/41, Rd Number 41, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi -- 110026

Metro station: Punjabi Bagh (green line)

Nearest landmark: Punjabi Bagh Club

Nearest bus stand: Punjabi Bagh Bus Stand


Monday - Sunday | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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What are the common plastic surgery procedures?

The following are the most common plastic surgery procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Face restructuring
  • Breast implants removal
  • Hair transplantation 
  • Body contouring 
  • Liposuction

Is plastic surgery permanent?

The result of cosmetic surgery may vary from one individual to another based on the type of surgery and the area for which you need it. Experts say that to maintain the results of plastic surgery for a longer period of time, one should follow all the guidelines given by their plastic surgeon.

Is plastic surgery painful?

Plastic surgery is usually performed under the influence of anaesthesia, which makes the procedure painless. However, you may feel pain during the recovery period, which can be managed through medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon. 

What is the best age to get plastic surgery?

It is said that one should get plastic surgery after being physically developed. However, it is believed that the ideal age for plastic surgery is 18 years and above. 

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