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Fetal Medicine

According to the WHO, fundal height is a commonly practiced method of foetal growth assessment. The measurement is defined as the distance in cm from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. It is helpful in determining if the baby is small for its gestational age.  

“It’s your third trimester? Your baby is the size of a peach now!” Fruits and vegetables have been used to describe foetal growth throughout the pregnancy for quite some time now. While this is a useful way to visualise the baby’s growth for most of us out there, your obstetrician has a more accurate form

What is Down Syndrome, causes, characteristics, diagnostics and a lot more. Dr. Astha Dayal, expert in fetal medicine shares her insights.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder caused when an error in cell division results in an extra full or partial 21st chromosome. It is also called trisomy 21. It is not an illness but a term that describes the features resulting from this change. The extra chromosome can affect the physical features, intellect, and overall