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Your menstrual cycle can undergo significant changes after you have a baby. This article will help you understand what to expect from your first period after pregnancy.

Congratulations on becoming a new mother!  A brand-new era of your life is about to start. Needless to say, with a baby in your life, your routine must have turned upside down. However, the birth of a child does not only affect your routine but also your bodily functions. After delivery, your body tries to

Are you worried about your first period after laparoscopy endometriosis surgery? Here Dr Anjali Kumar, a leading gynaecologist at the CK Birla Hospital, will explore how a woman’s first period after laparoscopy surgery endometriosis treatment is like.

Those who have periods can understand that it is an agonising experience. Every month, women have to deal with aggravating pain, cramps and discomfort. The usual menstrual cycle is already painful enough. Now blend it with additional post-operative recovery and what you have is unexplainable distress. This is especially the case for the first period

During perimenopause or the menopausal transition, the bone health of women is also greatly affected. In this article, we will look more closely at the impact of menopause on your bones as well as how to minimise this impact.

Menopause is a natural biological process that happens to women as they age. A woman is said to have reached menopause if she has not had her periods for more than 12 months. Before she reaches menopause, she may experience several symptoms such as changes in her menstrual cycle, perimenopausal bleeding, hot flashes, and premenopausal

In this article, Dr Aruna Kalra, one of the best gynaecologist in Gurgaon, will discuss what uterine fibroids are. More so, she offers her insights on which treatment modality is better: myomectomy vs hysterectomy.

The female reproductive system is a very complex one. The conditions that can affect the fertile health of a woman are diverse. It is essential for women of childbearing age to have a basic understanding of these ailments. One of the most frequent female health concerns is the development of uterine fibroids. In this article,