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Common gastrointestinal disorders

12 common gastrointestinal disorders & prevention tips

Gastrointestinal disorders are highly prevalent among the Indian population. Some common conditions include Irritable bowel syndro...

how to get rid of acid reflux at home

How to get rid of acid reflux at home?

Acid reflux happens when acid in your stomach makes its way backwards into the esophagus. This condition can cause heartburn,......

Hepatitis: types, symptoms and prevention

Hepatitis causes your liver to become inflamed. This condition can be caused by infections, autoimmune diseases, and the side effe...

What is Food poisoning, food poisoning symptoms, signs and symptoms of food poisoning, what are the symptoms of Food Poisoning, food poisoning is caused by, food poisoning cure, Prevention of Food Poisoning

Your complete guide on what is food poisoning!

Food poisoning is a common foodborne illness. It is caused when you consume contaminated or spoiled food items. Contamination happ...

Stomach pain at night, night time stomach pain, stomach pain, stomach ache at night

Dealing with stomach pain at night 

Stomach pain during the day can differ from the one at night. The primary reason lies in what causes stomach......

acid reflux foods to avoid, diet to prevent acid reflux, foods to avoid to prevent acid reflux, prevent acid reflux, acid reflux diet, acid reflux dietary modification

Foods to avoid to prevent acid reflux (GERD)

Acid reflux is an uncomfortable backflow of gastric juices up the oesophagus (food pipe). It is usually triggered by what......

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