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Tag: Neonatology

eating habits of kids, picky eaters, child health
June 16, 2020

Picky-eating toddlers are common in every family. Generally, the peak age for fussy eating behaviours in a child is 3 years. A survey on the topic carried out on 4,000 children concluded that the majority of the kids are picky eaters at one time or the other. But, just the condolence that your child is not the only picky eater will not work for you.  You might feel the stress once your kid gets into the habit of throwing tantrums at the dinner table. Before looking at the tips for your

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Neonatal Care, NICU
July 19, 2019

While a NICU is rarely part of a birth plan, knowing what neonatal services are available at the place where you are giving birth, should something be required, can help put parents at ease. For example, it is much easier for the neonatal team to communicate with obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine doctors a lot before the baby is born. This communication continues as the baby receives care from many specialists in the hospital, and then follows the infant after being released from the

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breast feeding myths, breastfeeding facts, breastfeeding myths vs facts
May 9, 2019

As soon as a pregnant woman or a new mom mentions breastfeeding almost everyone offers to give an advice or opinion to the mother. While some of the advice may be helpful but most of the time wrong information is passed along from time to time through several generations. It is important to be cautious and differentiate facts from myths so that one can offer the very best to the baby. To help you sort through it all here is the truth behind some of the most common myths about

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