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Neonatology & Paediatrics

A child between the age group of 2-12 years is most likely to experience growing pains. In most cases, this condition is not persistent and the pain usually comes and goes. In this article, Dr. Shreya Dubey, gives you an overview of growing pains in Kids. 

The transition from childhood to early adulthood may seem swift on the surface. However, there is much that a child has to experience while growing up. From routine wellness habits to settling with hormonal changes and emotional upheavals, they also have to undergo some extent of pain in the process. Growing pains is one such

The best tip on how to build strong bones in kids is to offer them a healthy lifestyle by implementing one. You can inculcate bone-strengthening foods in your meals to achieve a healthy living status. While making a nutritious meal plan for your kid, make sure to add plenty of nutrients. 

Childhood is the time when you lay the foundation stone of your mental, emotional and physical health. Children, however, are unaware of how to make a healthy start. This responsibility, thus, falls upon the parents. As a parent or guardian, you should ensure that your kids are receiving sufficient nutrients needed for their growth. In

Nearly 23.7% of children under the age of 3 years in India visit a healthcare provider for skin conditions. There are some common skin rashes in children that parents should look out for. Read here to know about some common skin conditions and rashes in children.

A baby’s skin is considered the standard for softness and natural texture. You may see cosmetic products, mostly moisturisers and lotions, being advertised with the analogy that they make your skin as soft and natural as a baby’s. However, infants and small children are not exempt from skin conditions. Nearly 23.7% of children under the

Rickets can be inherited or be caused due to diet and lifestyle. The latter is called nutritional rickets. In some cases, Vitamin D and calcium deficiency can also increase the risk of developing rickets. Read more.

Rickets is a bone disorder that can be traced as far back as the 17th century. During this time it rose to infamy as “the English disease” due to its outbreak in 17th century England.  Until the 1920s not much was known about the disorder or what causes rickets. With time, further research highlighted the