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Risk assessment & prevention

Evaluation tools and techniques are offered for risk assessment and prevention of cancer
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Why choose us?

Why choose us?
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The purpose of risk assessment is to identify individuals at elevated cancer risk who may benefit from genetic testing, additional screening and preventive measures. We offer high-end tools and techniques to evaluate your risk for different types and stages of cancer. Our cancer specialists provide personalised assessments to identify your unique risk factors.

Our specialists

Our specialists

About risk assessment & prevention

About risk assessment & prevention

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in India. It is important to understand your risk for the disease in order to practice preventive measures. The risk assessment service at the Oncology Centre is aimed at analysing and studying personal unique risks and biological markers of patients. Our cancer specialists then provide prevention or management protocols based on the levels of risk.

The department of Cancer at the CK Birla Hospital is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest health and safety standards for all patients. This is performed through the Risk Assessment process:

Risk Assessments must:

  • be implemented as part of the department’s safety management system. The management at the CK Birla Hospital brings the best-in-class equipment, chemicals, and medical services to the patients
  • be reviewed on a regular basis, every six months to check if any changes, such as the requirement of new equipment or if any new medical procedures need to be implemented

Risk factors of cancer

Here is a list of some common factors that increase your chances of developing cancer, in general:

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Breast implants
  • Old age
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Genetic changes
  • Family history of the disease
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Personal history of the disease
  • Choosing not to breastfeed
  • Starting menstruation early
  • Reaching menopause at an advanced age
  • Specific chemicals
Preventive measures for breast cancer

Based on your risk factors, your cancer specialist can help formulate a care plan for you. This care plan will be aimed at minimising your risk. Some common preventive measures include:

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Engaging in regular exercise and fitness
  • Eating a nutrient-dense diet
  • Avoiding or limiting alcohol
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Genetic counselling and testing
  • Routine cancer screenings
  • Medicinal therapy

Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials



Common tests for breast cancer screening include mammography, breast exam, MRI and tissue sampling.

Assessment tools include screening tests, clinical breast examination (CBE) & tactile breast examination (TBE).

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