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Oncoplastic Breast Preservation Surgery

Oncoplastic breast preservation for loss of breasts during breast cancer treatment.
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Why us for oncoplastic breast preservation surgery?

Why us for oncoplastic breast preservation surgery?
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Our specialist

About oncoplastic breast preservation surgery

About oncoplastic breast preservation surgery

In the 21st century, loss of breasts during Breast Cancer treatment is not acceptable. Oncoplastic Breast Preservation is the answer to it.
It involves resection of Breast cancer along with Neo(new) Breast formation, either in form of Breast Preservation (Conservation) or Breast Reconstruction. Oncoplasty in other words means amalgamation of techniques of breast cancer resection and aesthetic breast correction providing safer cancer removal and preservation/reconstruction of breasts.

The goals of oncoplastic breast cancer surgery are:-

1. Optimum Cancer Resection without any compromise on Oncological principles. In fact, oncoplasty helps to achieve better margin control leading to better cancer resection.
2. Optimum Neo Breast Formation. In fact, oncoplasty, aims to provide aesthetically better breasts.

Oncoplasty has two approaches

Volume Displacement is a form of Breast Preservation, and the technique is utilized after lumpectomy or partial mastectomy when the residual defect (after cancer resection) is 30% or less of the original breast volume. The Neo Breast formation occurs by mobilizing and reshaping the residual or remnant Breast into a new and better breast. The remnant tissue is then re-shaped into a new breast using techniques of Mastopexy(Breast Lift) for the majority of the time.

Volume Replacement Oncoplasty, comprises surgical techniques utilized for Neo breast Formation when the residual defect formed after cancer resection is 30% or more of the original volume. The Neo Breast formation occurs by replacing the lost breast tissue from other portions of the body. It consists of harvesting tissue from other sites of the body and transferring the tissue onto the ablated breast site to form the Neo Breast using the technique of either pedicled or free tissue transfer.

The two most common sites of tissue harvest are either from the back or from the abdomen. Tissue from the abdomen is usually used to reconstruct Total Mastectomy defects. The woman gets rid of her breast cancer, gets a new breast and also gets a tummy tuck.

Prosthetic implants can also be used to form the New Breast after Mastectomy. They are used in the early stages of Breast cancer making sure that patients will not be needing radiation post-surgery.
The clinical team at our Delhi unit has one of the largest experiences of performing Oncoplastic Breast Preservation in North India.

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