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Advanced diagnostic tools

Early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases with the help of advanced tools
Why choose us?
Why choose us?
Comprehensive breast screening program
State-of-the-art ‘scarless breast surgeries
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Experienced breast cancer surgeons with over 5000 successful surgeries
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The Breast Centre at the CK Birla Hospital is fully integrated with the most modern and state-of-the-art medical tools. We procure best-in-class tools and equipment for thorough screening and early detection of breast cancer and benign breast diseases. Our experts offer rapid interpretation of the findings of these diagnostics for timely and effective treatment

Our specialists
Our specialists

About breast disease diagnosis

A wide range of breast diseases including breast cancer can be effectively treated and prevented through early detection. It is essential to understand your risk for the best possible prognosis of breast diseases. Advanced tools and techniques are used to help accurately detect these diseases so that a care plan can be made and followed for prolonged health.

Diagnostic and screening tests

The diagnostic and screening tests done for benign and malignant breast diseases are almost the same. Your healthcare provider will perform a physical checkup and take your personal & family history of the disease to further recommend any tests and screenings.

Common diagnostic tests include:
Breast exam – A manual exam that involves analysing the look and feel of the breast. It includes checking the breasts and the lymph nodes in your armpits for your abnormalities.

Mammogram – A mammogram exam is a specialised X-ray of the breast. It is a significant tool in tracking any changes in the breast.

Breast ultrasound – A breast ultrasound produces real-time images of the breast with the use of sound waves.

Breast biopsy – Breast biopsy is a tissue sampling technique in which a sample of breast tissues are drawn out and analysed for any changes.


Staging of breast cancer

When and if breast cancer is identified in a woman, it is essential to find out the stage of cancer for adequate treatment. Your breast cancer care team will recommend certain tests to help identify the stage of breast cancer. These tests include:

  • Blood tests
  • Another mammogram
  • Computerized tomography (CT) scan
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scan
Patient testimonials
Patient testimonials


No, you may not need all the tests. Your healthcare provider will be able to tell the tests you need based on your overall health and risk factors.

No, the diagnostic tests are not painful but some of these tests may cause discomfort.