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About Us

Every problem in our human body can find a cure with the help of timely diagnosis. But to arrive at this the specialists require insights into the problem areas. This is where diagnostic imaging and laboratory systems become vital. At the CK Birla Hospital, we take pride in being at par with the best diagnostic centre in Delhi NCR. Our patients get access to precision-driven investigations and timely expert diagnosis under one roof.

We cater to multiple specialties and diseases with our world class infrastructure facilities. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies we provide comprehensive test results, and constantly work towards facilitating the best diagnostic support for our doctors and patients. With the help of radiology and other advanced tests we provide patients the best image based investigative outcomes.


Experience clinical excellence by the Best Radiologist In Delhi


The CK Birla Hospital is a state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary centre based in West Delhi. The centre is established at a prime and easily accessible location in Punjabi Bagh. We are proud to be a part of the CK Birla Group that has been at the forefront of serving India’s healthcare needs for over 50 years.

Backed by a proven track record in excellence recognised by national and international recognition, our clinicians are supported by the best diagnostics support and latest advancements in healthcare technology that enables them to offer seamless, collaborative care as well as the best possible patient experience.


Personalized care by Top Radiologist In Delhi

    • 24×7 access to holistic diagnostic support.
    • Doctor and diagnostics under the same roof.
    • Quickest turnaround time w.r.t. reports.
    • Supportive care and assistance in professional environment.
    • Latest machines and diagnostic styles.


Address: CK Birla Hospital, 57/41, Rd Number 41, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi - 110026

Metro station:  Punjabi Bagh West Station

Nearest landmark: Punjabi Bagh Club

Nearest bus stand: Punjabi Bagh Bus Stand

Distance from Airport: 17 kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport


Monday - Sunday | 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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When do I need diagnostic support?

  • When your doctor suggests some investigative procedures.
  • When your symptoms are not enough to suggest a proper treatment.
  • When the disease is severe and your doctor needs to know the extent to which it has spread.
  • When you need to confirm something based on your blood composition.

How should I prepare for a diagnostics appointment?

  • Make sure you follow the prescribed precautions prior to the test.
  • Ultrasound often requires a full bladder for a better view.
  • Make sure all tests are done in a clean and hygienic way.
  • Make sure the needles used are new and disposed off after the blood is drawn.

What questions can I ask the doctor?

The whole purpose of visiting a doctor is to understand how you stand health-wise. Ask anything that you might be concerned about. An experienced doctor will be able to identify the symptoms to detect the real problem if any. In fact, it is good practice to share all your symptoms and history with your doctor.

What are the tests offered at CK Birla Hospital Diagnostics?

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • CT Scan
  • Urodynamic tests
  • Prenatal screening

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