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Robot Assisted Breast Surgery

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Robot Assisted Breast Surgery

Robot Assisted Breast Surgery

The present era of Breast Surgery is having functional breast after breast cancer treatment. Functionality of breast depends on the amount original skin and nipple preserved after removal of cancer. The surgical procedure is termed as Skin Sparing / Nipple Sparing resections. It can complete removal of breast or partial removal of the suspicious malignant tissue with adequate margins Large number of Breast Cancer patients are now eligible for such surgeries.

What is Robotic Breast Surgery?

What is Robotic Breast Surgery?

This is a minimally invasive surgical technique which utilises robotic technology to perform breast surgery with increased precision and control. It involves using a robotic system, controlled by a surgeon, to assist in the removal of breast tumours or in breast reconstruction procedures. This approach offers benefits such as smaller incisions, reduced scarring, and potentially faster recovery times.


A large number of Breast Cancer patients are now eligible for such surgeries. Skin Sparing (SSM)/ Nipple Sparing Resections(NSM) provide at par cancer control when compared with Radical Mastectomy in patients. This surgery is applicable to the following types of patients:
  • Early stage breast cancer patients with tumour size of approx. 5 cm, where the cancer has not spread to overlying skin and muscle. 
  • Advanced breast cancer patients are administered Neo-Adjuvant Systemic Therapy which may include a combination of Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy/Immunotherapy & Hormonal Therapy. Patients who respond well to NeoAdjuvant Treatment become eligible for SSM/NSM. 
Robotic Assistance helps provide even better results and breast functionality while doing SSM/ NSM procedures.

How does the Robotic System Operate?

Our cutting-edge robotic technology enhances surgical precision with a unique set of robotic arms, overseen by skilled surgeons. This AI equipped 4th Gen technology helps:
  • Execute procedures under expert supervision.
  • Provide precise cutting and milling capabilities.
  • Enhance clinical efficiency with utmost accuracy.
  • Reduce the need for repeat surgeries and 
  • Eliminate unwanted complications associated with delicate regions like the breast. 

What are the Key Features of the Robotic System?

  • Camera arm and four mechanical arms with fine surgical instruments.
  • Surgical console for precise control.
  • High-definition, 3D view of the surgical site.
  • Surgeon-controlled robotic arms with wristed articulation.
  • Intelligent feedback for optimised surgical manoeuvres.
  • Fourth-generation robotic instrument arms for seamless multi-port procedures.
  • Universal arm design for flexible endoscope insertion.
  • Longer instruments and thinner arms for enhanced precision and reduced collision risk in delicate areas.

How is Robotic Breast Surgery Performed?

The Procedure:

Highly precise surgery for breast reconstruction called, Oncoplastic Breast Preservation, is gradually being performed using robot-assisted technology due to the quicker recovery finer precision.


The Planning:

  • The case will highlight the approach towards the treatment which will be arrived at after performing scans and initial treatment.
  • Oncoplastic Breast Preservation can be approached two ways:

Volume Displacement:

Reshaping and realigning breast tissue to form the Neo Breast

Volume Replacement:

Harvesting tissues from the body to fill complete or partial mastectomy defects.
  • For volume replacement approach a Latissimus tissue (LD flap) from lateral and posterior back area is usually harvested. For this a long incision is placed in the back, the patient has to be repositioned and redraped majority of times.
  • Once the approach is decided the procedure is communicated to the patient and the surgery is prepped.


The Execution:

  • Patient is synced with the robotic system and stabilised for surgery.
  • Surgical ports are introduced to the patient terminal, providing a 3D view for the surgeon's camera console.
  • Surgeons perform the surgery while the AI replicates their movements on the patient's end.
  • Robotic AI continuously reviews the procedure in real-time, assisting the surgeon by making accurate cuts with the robotic arm.

Advantages of Robotic Breast Surgery?

According to Dr Toesca from Milan, one of the world’s most experienced Robotic Breast Surgeons, robotic assistance to perform Skin sparing / Nipple sparing procedures ensures substantial medical advantages:


  • Robotic arms provide better access at angles which is not possible with retractors in open methodology.
  • Enhanced Vision leads to precision dissection using the 3D Image Console.
  • Incision placement in skin creases like axillary(lateral) or inferior mammary achieve superior aesthetics than conventional skin sparing procedures.
  • Skin flap Vascularity is better preserved by minimising counter traction and incision planning. 

Why do Surgeons Prefer Robotic Surgeries?

A Robotic System is a fully automated, active technology. It offers multiple benefits to both the surgeon and the patient. Since Breast Surgery is a more delicate region, it provides a much enhanced clinical outcome with robotic assistance, such as:


  • Access to back (thorax) through axilla, hence avoiding the incision and scar at the back and eliminating the need to reposition and redrape as done traditionally.
  • 3D – magnified view and resolution helps ensure improved ergonomics and better access to thorax thereby simplifying the surgical procedure. 
  • Robotic assistance decreases surgical time to half and also eliminates the occurrence of posterolateral thoracic scar which is common in traditional approaches.
  • Robot Assisted LD Flap is a safer and more effective procedure which offers precise dissection with refined aesthetics.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

The CK Birla Hospital employs state-of-the-art surgical techniques to improve your quality of life. Surgeons can now seamlessly conduct vital procedures with enhanced ease, flexibility, accuracy, and precision, all thanks to the latest advancements in technology, ensuring optimal clinical results.

Highlights of Robotic Surgery

  • Multidisciplinary team approach
  • Innovation-driven healthcare solutions
  • Fast and comprehensive recovery
  • World-class physiotherapy support
  • End-to-end rehabilitation support post-surgery as applicable

Our Robotic Breast Surgery Expert

Our Robotic Breast Surgery Expert

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How Does Robotic Breast Surgery Differ From Traditional Methods?

Robotic breast surgery utilises AI-powered robotic arms operated by a skilled surgeon. Unlike traditional methods, it offers enhanced precision and control during procedures, leading to more accurate outcomes. Additionally, it involves smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and faster recovery times compared to traditional open surgery.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Robotic Breast Surgery?

Individuals diagnosed with breast cancer or benign breast conditions require surgical intervention. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine candidacy based on individual medical history, tumour characteristics, and overall health status.

Is Robotic Breast Surgery Safe?

While all surgical procedures carry some level of risk, robotic surgery offers several advantages, including minimal invasiveness, reduced risk of complications, and shorter hospital stays. Patients can feel reassured knowing that their surgery is being conducted with advanced technology and under the guidance of skilled professionals.

What is the Recovery Process Like After Robotic Breast Surgery?

The recovery process after robotic breast surgery varies depending on the specific procedure and individual factors. However, with proper care and follow-up appointments, most patients can resume complete activities within a few weeks. It is important to adhere to post-operative instructions provided by the surgical team to facilitate a smooth recovery.

Are There Any Potential Risks or Complications Associated With Robotic Breast Surgery?

The risk of complications is typically lower with robotic surgery compared to traditional open procedures. Patients should discuss potential risks and benefits with their healthcare provider before undergoing surgery.

Will I Have Scars After Robotic Breast Surgery?

Scarring after robotic breast surgery is minimal compared to traditional open procedures. Robotic surgery often utilises smaller incisions, resulting in less visible scars and improved cosmetic outcomes. Additionally, the precise movements of the robotic arms help minimise tissue trauma, further reducing the risk of scarring. 

Your surgical team will take steps to ensure optimal wound healing and may recommend scar management techniques to further minimise the appearance of scars.

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