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Geriatric medicine

Geriatric medicine deals with the management of health problems in older adults
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Why choose us

Why choose us
Multispeciality team-based approach
NABH accredited hospital
COVID safe hospital with strict protocols
Adherence to international clinical & safety protocols
Stringent infection control measure

At the CK Birla Hospital, we offer a multidisciplinary team-based approach for our elderly patients. We offer comprehensive prevention, detection and treatment of a wide range of illnesses affecting individuals in the older age. We are equipped with the most modern technology and in-house facilities like physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre for the best treatment outcomes.

Our specialists

Our specialists

About geriatric medicine

Geriatric medicine is a branch of internal medicine that deals with health concerns in older adults. This subspeciality offers a comprehensive approach towards the management of ageing adults. Elderly patients are affected by several co-morbidities and require a treatment plan to help care for every aspect of their health. Geriatric medicine provides individualised care plans to help treat the comorbidities and help the patients lead a better quality of life.

Common conditions treated under geriatric medicine

Listed below are some common health problems experienced by older adults:

Vision problems
Foot problems
Cognitive impairment
Urinary incontinence
Cardiovascular diseases
Sleep problems
Parkinson’s disease
Chronic kidney disease

Rehabilitation services

Elderly patients require additional care during and after treatment of several types of diseases. These patients require geriatric rehabilitation to help deal with symptoms or complications that may arise post-treatment. Rehabilitation also offers a better environment for elderly patients to heal and regain their health and improve longevity.

Patient stories

Patient stories



A geriatric patient is one who is older than 65 years of age.

Geriatric medicine covers the physical, psychological, mental and emotional health of elderly patients.

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