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Adolescent gynaecological problems

Gynaecological issues that affect teenagers and young adults during adolescence
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Why us for adolescent gynaecological problems?

Why us for adolescent gynaecological problems?
Internationally acknowledged team of gynaecologists
Age-appropriate specialised care
Full range of treatment options
State-of-the-art diagnostic & therapeutic procedures
Compassionate and clinically reliable care

Our gynaecologists are prominent for their friendly and compassionate approach. We provide age-appropriate care to women across age groups. We provide preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic support to adolescents. We aim at extending clinically reliable care, awareness and education to young adults in a safe and private enviornment.

Our gynaecology specialists

Our gynaecology specialists

Common adolescent gynaecological problems

General gynaecological health – General gynaecology addresses the basic health concerns of young girls about the rapidly occurring changes in their bodies. It involves education about bodily changes during puberty, delays in these changes, coping skills and mechanisms and addressing their queries. 

Menstrual disorders – A group of menstrual problems can affect young women during the early of menstruation. These include irregular periods, painful periods, heavy periods and bleeding between periods. It is important for young girls to understand what is considered normal and abnormal to recognise such changes. 

Vaginal disorders – Vaginal disorders include yeast infections, bacterial infectious diseases, vaginismus, obstruction, lumps and vaginitis. These conditions can cause embarrassment and confusion in young women. Timely treatment should be sought to avoid complications. 

Vulval injury – Vulval injury can be caused like any other injuries in children and young adults such as accidents, bike handlebars and more. Vulval injury can cause pain, swelling and redness. Treatment depends on the type and cause of injury. 

Sexual development disorders – Sexual development disorders can be congenital and become more prominent during the adolescent years. Common sexual development disorders include  Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, and 45, X/46, XY gonadal dysgenesis. These can result from a mismatch in the child’s chromosomal or genetic material. 

Abnormal skin changes – Hormonal changes can trigger abnormal skin developments in adolescents. These include acne, abnormal sweating, skin lesions and dermatitis. Our gynaecology experts address these changes with the support of dermatologists to offer all-encompassing care. 

Abnormal vaginal discharge – Vaginal discharge during adolescence is a common phenomenon. However, abnormal discharge can be a cause of concern. Normal vaginal discharge is white, mucus and clear. Anything different from this is considered abnormal and should be medically checked.

Cervical Dysplasia – Cervical dysplasia is a neoplastic growth on the cervical wall, which shares a stark similarity with cancerous cells. Cervical dysplasia causes abnormal cell growth and can lead to cancer if not treated through early detection, arresting further advancement of cervical dysplasia stages.

Counselling and support

Gynaecological changes in your body during puberty can take a toll on your mental health. At the department of gynaecology, we aim to navigate these stressors by rallying positive health promotion. We offer personalised advice and one-on-one counselling to young girls for their health concerns.

Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials



Menstrual problems, vaginal disorders, skin changes and delays in puberty are some common health issues affecting adolescents.

Sexually transmitted infections, yeast infections and vaginitis are some common vaginal infections. 

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