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Adult critical care

Adult critical care provides intensive care and treatment to critically ill adults
Why choose us
Why choose us
24X7 emergency, ICU and critical care facilities
Level III Neonatal ICU
24×7 radiology, pathology & pharmacy
Full range of medical & surgical treatments
Multispeciality team-based approach

The department of Emergency & Critical Care is equipped with state-of-the-art ICUs and operating theatres to offer urgent clinical intervention to unstable and critically ill adults. Our team of anaesthesiologists, emergency intensivists and internal medicine experts offer a 360-degree approach to achieve better treatment outcomes and patient’s prolonged health.

Our specialists
Our specialists

About adult critical care
About adult critical care

Adult critical care, also known as intensive care medicine, is the urgent intensive care offered to patients who are critically ill due to an injury, disease or disorder. Adult critical care is provided at modular ICUs for consistent patient monitoring and effective treatments. Patents who have a serious threat to their life due to these conditions are admitted to the ICUs.

Common conditions that may require adult critical care

Surgical complications
Cardiac problems
Certain infections
Respiratory illnesses
Neurological problems

Patient testimonials
Patient testimonials