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Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery

Some simple precautions to protect your skin during monsoon and maintain a healthy skin throughout the year.

With the increase in humidity levels during monsoon season, so do a number of skin infections. The skin remains wet for a long period of time, due to sweat and when it rubs together, it gives rise to a condition called Intertrigo. The first and foremost advice is “Don’t neglect it”. It is a very common

Dr. Mandeep Singh talks about liposuction, a body contouring procedure that targets resistant areas of fat like the abdomen and back.

Liposuction has become one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. The popularity of this plastic surgery procedures continues to rise with it becoming the second most common plastic surgery procedure in the world. Keen to know about this increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure? Read on. What is Liposuction? It is a surgical procedure that