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Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgeries are done to repair birth defects, acquired diseases and disorders
Why us for reconstructive surgery?
Why us for reconstructive surgery?
Team with the highest number of MicroAire surgeries in North India
3D simulation for safe and precise surgeries
State-of-the-art US FDA approved technologies
Personalised treatment plans
Minimal discomfort

At the Plastics & Aesthetics Centre, we offer a wide range of reconstructive surgeries to repair parts of your body affected by diseases, illnesses or injuries. Our team of plastic surgeons tailor-make a treatment plan for you to achieve your health goals and treat your condition.

Our plastic surgeons
Our plastic surgeons

About reconstructive surgery
About reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgeries are a group of surgeries performed to repair damaged body parts affected by illness, injury or disease. These surgeries are done for a wide group of conditions that may present at birth or are acquired over the years.

Types of reconstructive surgery

There are several different types of reconstructive surgeries including:

  • Breast reconstruction
  • Breast reduction
  • Limb salvage
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Hand surgeries to fix conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis
  • Cleft lip repair
  • Palate repair
  • Migraine surgery
  • Deviated septum correction
Risks of reconstructive surgeries

Like any surgery, certain risks and complications are associated with reconstructive surgeries:

  • Reaction with anaesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clotting
  • Infection
  • Recovery problems
  • Fatigue
Patient testimonials
Patient testimonials


Common reconstructive surgeries include breast reconstruction, surgeries for feet and hands, wound care, microsurgery and facial surgeries.

Reconstructive surgeries are done to repair a damaged body part while cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance your appearance as per your preferences.

Reconstructive surgeries help in restoring your body as it was before the damage and builds confidence.