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Second opinion for Cancer Care

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Seeking a second opinion at the CK Birla Hospital

Seeking a second opinion at the CK Birla Hospital

The second opinion is a medical review of your cancer diagnosis sought from a second oncologist. It is an evaluation and close assessment of the existing diagnosis given by the primary healthcare provider. 

We offer accurate and evidence-based second opinion for cancer treatments. Our team of oncologists thoroughly review your diagnosis and order certain tests and procedures to help clear diagnostic dilemmas in a compassionate manner. 

Why seek a second opinion?

The second opinion is a valuable element of cancer care. Cancer can be an anxiety-inducing and scary illness. It is very natural to feel a range of strong emotions including fear, disbelief, and anger. 

Cancer is also a long-term illness posing substanial risk to one’s life. This makes cancer care is an exhausting and lengthy treatment. It is, thus, adviced that patients ensure that they have the best options available for effective care. Simultaneously, cancer patients should also understand their diagnosis fully and be confident in their care team’s approach. 

There are a range of treatment methods, medical techniques and technologies, and diagnostic tools at varying costs are available to patients. The range of these alternatives can confuse some patients. A second opinion can help choose the best option at an affordable price. 

How can a second opinion help?

A second opinion can help the patient and their families in deciding the best possible treatment option within an affordable price range. It can help you with:

Confirming the diagnosis – A second opinion can help you be sure of the type, stage, size and location of the cancer and get rid of any diagnostic errors. 

Exploring treatment options  – Considering a second opinion can help you discover all the options you may have regarding your treatment. By seeking a second opinion, you may also compare and consider other facilities available at hospitals including ICU and critical care backup, modern technologies suitable for your cancer, scope of palliative care and rehabilitation 

Gaining confidence – It is important to be sure of the approach and expertise of your cancer care team.  A second opinion allows you to gain and maintain confidence about the team who will be offering you multidisciplinary care in the long-term. 

Preparing for surgery –  Second opinion also allows you to understand the extent of awareness and education offered by your surgical team. Being informed about a treatment option helps you make wise decisions, be wary of the expected risks and complications and prepare for sugery with realistic outcomes. 

When to get a cancer second opinion?

You can seek a second opinion for cancer care if:

  • You have been diagnosed with a rare condition 
  • Your condition has not improved with existing treatment 
  • You have any doubts about your diagnosis or treatment 
  • You have been advised a major surgery 
  • You are looking for more treatment options 

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

At the CK Birla Hospital, we ensure that you receive the best cancer care without any detection errors and diagnostic problems. Highlights of the department: State-of-the-art chemo daycare & precision medicine Internationally reputed team of surgical oncologists Full spectrum of surgical oncology Multidisciplinary, team-based care Convenient and home-like supportive care

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